5 Tips To Find Best Shoes For Feet With High Arches

5 Tips To Find Best Shoes For Feet With High Arches

Tips to find best shoes for feet with high arches

In your daily walk from point A to point B, you might notice that very rarely does it happen that your feet aches, unless of course, you have an underlying medical condition. This is due to the natural arch of your feet that absorbs the landing of every step you take. Like a car's shock absorber, your feet' natural arch acts the same whenever your feet make contact with the earth.

However, some people are affected by a condition wherein the feet have a high arch. This might be due to heredity or a developing bone or nerve ailment. Because of this, the ability of the feet to absorb the shock when walking or running is significantly reduced. Because the feet are our only bases of support, poor distribution of force in the arch of the feet will resonate to the entire body, especially in the knees and thigh. It is crucial that this problem is addressed and rectified before it causes unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Proper footwear can help mitigate the problem. In the workplace, there exists specifically made for work boots that deal with the everyday activities of a worker or laborer.

Here's A Rundown of 5 Tips To Find Good Shoes For Feet With A High Arch

1. Cushioned Footwear

A cushioned shoe or work boot will generally have an extra shock absorption that helps the arch of the feet absorb the impact of every step. While a person with normal feet might not feel the difference exactly, one who has a high arch might see the difference between night and day. The extra cushion will also allow the wearer, normal feet or not, to run the extra mile without experiencing pain or discomfort. This is because today's shoes are empowered with technology, and the extra cushion is specially designed to massage the feet and relax the muscles as one does his or her daily routine.

2. Look For True Arch Support

Commonly, insoles are not specifically designed to support someone with a high arch. If that happens, you could either replace the shoes or work boots with one which is rated for high arch support, or simply replace the insole of the shoe as an inexpensive alternative. They can be easy to find in stores or in online shops. These are the shoes nurses can wear all day.

3. Shoes And Boots Must Have Proper Provision

One important thing to look for is the volume of space inside the footwear. It must provide enough space for someone with a high arch. If you have a high arch, you will notice that part of your feet is slightly elevated as compared to someone with a natural arch. However tiny the difference may be, it will be a great factor in choosing footwear that will not cause pain or discomfort.

4. Consult Your Doctor

Ask your orthopedist's suggestions and recommendations. As much as possible, keep him or her in the loop of your buying choices and report any pain or discomfort you feel. The pain might not be a big deal, but it can't hurt to be a little cautious and vigilant about your medical conditions.

5. Consult The Internet

When you've placed interest in a shoe or a work boot, look for trusted online reviews and customer ratings. You can try joining forums for people who are fond of reviewing insoles specifically made for work boots.