Tips to Lose Weight from The Hips

Tips to Lose Weight from The Hips

How to lose weight from your Hips?
Fat tends to accumulate in the most inconvenient places of the human body, much to the chagrin of affected men and women. While a lot of people get worried about abdominal fat, the fat stored in the hip region can be a major cause for grudge for others. The first thing you need to know before you want to get rid of excess flab stored around your hip is you need to lose fat from entire body rather than focusing on any particular region.

To make your hips leaner and more attractive, it is important to make adequate dietary changes and try exercises. There is no single magic food that will help you get rid of hip fat. On the contrary, you can try a blend of hip slimming and toning exercises while offering your body the apt foods and beverages to speed up the metabolism process.

Switching To An Active Lifestyle

active lifestyle

It is important that you make some necessary lifestyle changes if getting rid of hip fat is a priority. Try spending less time in couches and sofa in front of the TV on weekends. Instead, go to a park, start jogging or even take your dog to walk in the morning. If you do not like walking, try swimming for 30 minutes or so. Try using the stairs in the office instead of using the elevator. Walk the way to market rather than taking a car or cab. In short, cut out moments of laziness from your life in every possible way.

Make Necessary Changes in Diet

Make necessary changes in diet;

It is not necessary to survive wholly on fruits and steamed vegetables to shed flab from your hips! However, try to discard sources of unhealthy fats from all your meals. Replace foods made with saturated fats, sugar and refined flour with fruits, whole grains and vegetables. These will offer your body required nutrients and not those excess calories. The same thing can be said about the drinks you take. Replace all soda and fizzy drinks with plain water. You may make lemon water at home or drink coconut water for a change. If fruit juice is what you prefer, make them at home with less sugar.

Eat in Right Amount

To lose weight from hip and other body part, control the portions you eat all along the day. Try not to take large meals. Instead, divide your meals every few hours a day and eat in small portions.

Eat in right amount

Exercises For Shedding Flab From The Hip

Apart from running, swimming or doing Cardio based exercises you should try out the following workouts aimed at slimming the hip region.

Hip Raise Exercise

Lie on floor with back touching the mat. Keep knees bent and ensure the feet are touching the floor. Now lift hips and extend the right leg. Point toes to the wall facing you. Hold it for a few seconds. Now extend the right leg to the right side at a perfect 90-degree angle and hold for a few seconds. Revert to the center. Now do this for the left leg as well.

Jumping Side to Side

Start by standing and keeping hands on feet and hips together. Now jump 3 feet to the left side and land on left foot while keeping knee slightly bent. Then bring the right foot close to the left foot. Do this for right side as well.

Standing Side Kick Exercise

Start by standing while keeping feet at shoulder-width. Gently lift the right leg to right side on hip height. Keep the knees forward facing. Be in this mode for two seconds and revert to starting position. Repeat this for the left leg.

Seated Pillow Squeeze

Sit on a chair. Put feet on the floor and keep your knees bent at just 90-degree angle. Keep a pillow between both thighs. Breathe out as you squeeze the pillow by the thighs. Be in this pose for some time and breathe regularly. Release the pillow after that.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad