Top 10 Home Remedies for Corneal Abrasion

Top 10 Home Remedies for Corneal Abrasion

Corneal abrasion

The eye is undoubtedly a very sensitive and important part of the human body that needs to be maintained with the utmost care. However, at times, avoiding damage to the eyes just cannot be avoided and the reasons can be numerous. When the cornea in your eyes gets scratched, that can be really painful and cumbersome.

Corneal Damage Can be Caused by Numerous Reasons Including:

  • A broken or fractured contact lens
  • Dust particles or sand getting into eyes
  • Eyes getting hurt by a sharp object
  • Bacterial infection

Symptoms of Corneal Abrasion

Based on the source and type of damage, corneal abrasion symptoms may or may not take place immediately. The major symptoms of a damaged cornea are:

  • Teary eyes
  • Painful sensation while blinking
  • Intolerance to any bright light source
  • Partial vision impairment
  • Mild to moderate headaches

How to Treat Corneal Abrasion

As a matter of fact, Medical treatment for treating damaged cornea depends to an extent on the amount of damage and pain caused by it. Most of minor damages heal naturally over time. If the damage is not very serious you may try out some home remedies to heal and soothe a damaged cornea. While physicians may recommend topical antibiotic and ointments to heal the scratch, you can resort to the following measures at home.

  • It makes sense to keep the eyes in closed position as far as you can. This can be easier said than done. If necessary, wear an eye patch at home.

  • You may not be able to stay indoors at all times even after you receive damage to the cornea. When you go out, wear a sunglass and in brightly lit interiors, keep it on. In such conditions, the eyes cannot tolerate bright light. Try to stay in shades as far as possible when you have to go out.

  • Refrain from rubbing the eye at all during the recovery period. This can prolong the healing and lead to contamination. Based on the guidance of the eye specialist, you can wash eyes with clean water gently.

  • If splashing water on eyes directly is causing pain, resort to an alternative. Fill a clean container with pure water and then slowly wash your eyes in it. You may even ask someone in the house to wash your eyes if you find it difficult to do.

  • If you wear lenses normally, refrain from using them for some weeks after corneal abrasion takes place. You have to understand a damaged cornea needs to be dealt with utmost care.

  • It is best to avoid any eye make-up during the time to speed up healing. Using eye lashes, mascara or shadows should be evaded during the recovery period. These eye makeup products often contain chemicals and allergens which can only worsen your situation and lead to complications.

  • Refrain from getting into any activity that puts stress on the eyes when the cornea is damaged. So, do not watch TV much or skip reading books for some days in this period. For the same reason, avoid watching movies and working in front of PCs at home. Driving cars should also be avoided in such times.

  • If the pain or swelling is excessive, you may resort to using a cold compress on the eyes.

  • After consulting an eye specialist, you can also use artificial tears or eye rinsing solutions. You can use an eye dropper to pour such solutions into eyes gently.

  • If the pain is too much, you can get in touch with an ophthalmologist and he may offer you some pain relief medications.

Corneal abrasion, most certainly needs medical intervention. However, in conjunction with these simple tips you will be able to treat the eye more effectively. Be sure to always wash your hands before you touch your eyes to keep infections at bay.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad