Top Healing Properties of Propolis

Top Healing Properties of Propolis

Translated from the Latin "propolis" means "bee glue". It is used by bees to cover the gaps in the hives, which helps to avoid high humidity, drafts and germs. The beneficial properties of propolis were also discovered by man.

It began to be used for treatment in ancient Egypt, and later in ancient Greece. Mentions of him can be found in Galen and Dioscorides - healers of ancient times.

Propolis has long been used for pustular skin lesions, colds, some diseases of the joints and muscles. It is often mentioned in Rus' in ancient medical books.

Medicinal properties of propolis

Beekeepers know that even if other insects or small animals get into the hive, there is never a putrid smell. Bees immure them with propolis, turning them into a kind of mummies, so that they do not undergo the processes of decay and decay. Over time, scientific studies have proven that propolis contains bactericidal properties. Nowadays it is easy to buy it, for example, on Mr Vitamins.

In the human body, propolis cleanses cell membranes and suppresses pathological cells, as well as removes cholesterol and restores damaged tissues.

In the course of research, trace elements and vitamins (provitamin A, C, E, PP, B1, B2) were found in propolis, which are necessary for the implementation of enzymatic and metabolic processes in the body. In addition, they have a rejuvenating effect and accelerate the healing process in various diseases.

Thanks to the action of propolis, the human body becomes more resistant to the effects of ionizing radiation, its adaptive and protective capabilities increase. It also has a powerful antioxidant effect, which is very important in the treatment of cancer patients. Propolis helps to suppress the growth of cancer cells, without possessing, at the same time, toxic properties.

Propolis regulates the activity of the endocrine system, reducing the activity of the pancreas and thymus glands. He himself and the preparations that are made from him are able to quickly remove various kinds of inflammation.

Thanks to the properties of propolis, the process of tissue repair occurs faster, wound surfaces heal better, scars that occur after burns are softened.

What diseases can propolis cure?

It is successfully used for gastritis and inflammation of the colon. Propolis can also be taken for flu, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throats, headaches, ear diseases, conjunctivitis, periodontal disease. It has long been treated for rashes, frostbite, eczema, urinary tract infections, arthritis, and gout.

If propolis is added to food, it will have a positive effect on inflammation of the bladder, urinary tract, prostate, genitals and kidneys.

The use of propolis in folk medicine is also very common. Here are some tips:

  • to get rid of rheumatic pain in the limbs, it is necessary to apply a thin plate with heated propolis to the diseased part of the body.
  • propolis-based tincture will help get rid of migraines. To do this, pour 10 g of propolis (grind) 100 ml of medical alcohol (70% strength). This mixture must be infused for a week, shaking 3-4 times daily. At the end of the period, the mixture should be filtered, and then take 3-5 drops (dilute in 50 ml of boiled water) once a day one hour before meals. Improvement should occur in three to four weeks.
  • taking propolis with meals will help to get rid of most of the symptoms of stomach and intestinal disorders.

How to use propolis?

There are several uses for propolis. Each of them is effective in certain types of pathologies and in a specific condition: sometimes it is more useful to chew the product, and in some cases it is better to take it in the form of a tincture.

In its purest form

To obtain a therapeutic effect, you need to chew bee glue in small pieces. Not everyone likes the taste and smell of pure propolis, but you can’t call them nasty either. This option of using the product is useful for diseases of the gums and teeth. To relieve the symptoms of a sore throat, you just need to suck on a piece of bee glue to feel significant relief. The substance in its pure form has a positive effect on immunity, blood circulation, and also kills microbes.

Alcohol tincture

The most common use of a healing product. The main advantage is that alcohol tincture can be stored for several years without losing its properties. You can use the pharmacy version of the tincture or cook it at home.

Aqueous solution It is good to use a liquid solution of propolis based on water. It is suitable for those who are contraindicated in alcohol and therefore cannot use pharmacy tincture.

Honey with propolis

This is even more effective because honey enhances the effect of bee glue. The recipe for making this composition at home:

Melt propolis in a water bath to a liquid state. Mix with liquid honey.

Heat up to 60 °C.

Who is contraindicated in the use of propolis?

Propolis is contraindicated in people with allergies to bee venom, bee products, as well as people prone to allergic diseases: eczema, urticaria, bronchial asthma.

To prevent the occurrence of side effects, treatment with propolis should be started with a small dose, and only after making sure that there is no allergic reaction, you can fully carry out the course of treatment. And in case of allergy symptoms, the intake of propolis should be stopped and immediately take antihistamines.