Find Out What Your Weird Body Quirks Really Mean

Find Out What Your Weird Body Quirks Really Mean

Weird Body Quirks

The Human body is a marvel of nature that science has been trying to decode eversince it was discovered. There are some weird body reactions that your body has. Ever wondered why you gethiccups, goose bumps or an eye twitch? Why the hair on the back of your neck stands if you are scared or watching a horror flick? When you feel like yourself falling in a dream as you sleep?An eyelid twitch, or a yawn, a sudden charley horse, ice-cream headaches, etc. these are some of the weird body quirks each of us experience in our lives.

Of course, your grandma always said someone is thinking of you when you get hiccups, or your eye twitches could mean good or bad consequences depending on which eye twitches. You have heard these replies so many times that it is ingrained in your thought processes now. Yet, most of these body quirks have a logical and scientific explanation of why they happen.

Let’s discuss more of these body quirks.


Hiccups are uncontrollable contractions of the diaphragm, where the muscle contracts suddenly drawing air into your windpipe. Eating very quickly, overeating, or swallowing a lot of air suddenly, drinking colas, eating hot, cold or pungent food can cause them.Hiccups usually go away on their own, but you must have heard your mother telling you to hold your breath, drink a cup of water, eat a spoonful of sugar or breathe into a paper bag umpteen times to help you stop hiccups quickly. These home remedies do work. If your hiccups persist, you may need to seek medical treatment.

Charley horse or the muscle cramps

These severely painful startling muscle spasms that occur in the thighs or the calf are known as Charley horse. Cramps often ensue when you stretch your muscles between two joints in your body especially in the feet, arms, stomach, lower legs and hands. These cramp scan last for a few seconds to several minutes. It is caused due to dehydration, lower levels of potassium and calcium, muscle overuse. Try stretching the legs to relieve the muscle, or walk around if possible, or massage the area to relieve the pain.If your cramps persist take medical help.

Eye twitching

The unstoppable twitching of the eyelid is unpredictable but makes you conscious and it is often bothersome (though it is harmless). As per Science, it can be caused due to stress, fatigue, straining the eyes, caffeine, dry eyes, or may be due to serious neurological disorders for example like Tourette’s syndrome. The spasms end on its own, however, if it persists for long then doctors may recommend botox injections to provide relief.

The brain freeze

The brain freeze or the ice-cream headaches is another weird body quirk that many face. It occurs when something cold touches the nerve connected to the brain while eating causing that “chill sensation”, which trigger the blood vessels in the front of your head to swell thereby causing pain. To treat it you can splurge on eating more ice-cream, but at a slower pace to relieve the freeze to avoid a headache.

Foot or leg falling asleep

The tingling sensation that happens when your foot or leg falls asleep is, in reality, the break in blood circulation in the body. It happens due to pressure build up on a nerve. As you change your position the pressure releases and the tingling stops after a while. The pins and needles sensation is termed as paresthesia medically. If it recurs on a regular basis, it might be an indication of iron deficiency or a neurological problem, which needs proper medical investigation and cure.

Feeling of falling body parts during sleep

Often in sleep, you might feel like your body has fallen down from the space. This sleep sensation is termed as hypnagogic hallucination and is very common. Such hallucinations of falling down, paralysis, feeling of being touched, or seeing strangers in your room are more common among children. But even grown-ups and adults face it. If this body quirk becomes a persistent problem then it could be a sign of a sleep disorder. However, it is believed these decrease with age. But if you suffer even in adulthood, seek medical help to cure it.


Goosebumps are also known as piloerection scientifically. They spring up when you feel cold or are afraid of something. It is caused because of the contraction of a tiny muscle at the base of the body hair. It is not a medical problem. But if you want to avoid them wear warm clothes and avoid watching horror flicks.

Side stitches

Sometimes when you laugh a lot or have been running for a considerable distance you feel a pain in your side. It happens when you exert your diaphragm too much. Laughing real hard causes the air to be sucked inside, thereby causing contraction and compression of the diaphragm. This repeated compression results in spasms commonly termed as side stitches. To minimize or control it try slow laughter and take deep breathes, also avoid large meals, as it can draw blood towards the stomach causing more discomfort.

Ear popping

When you find your ears blocked on a flight due to altitude change it is called “ear-pop”. You can relieve itif you yawn or hold your breath for a few seconds. Yawning helps to equalize the pressure both inside and outside of the eardrum caused by altitude change.Chewing gum also helps to relieve it.

Excessive sweating

Known as hyperhidrosis, it is a definite mood spoiler. Excessive sweating can happen on your face, palms, soles, and in the armpits.It can be controlled by using aluminum chloride antiperspirants, medicines, and even botox injections if the doctor recommends it.

Why peeling onion makes you cry?

When you cut an onion, the enzymes propanethial sulfoxide releases a gas, which when it reaches the eyes, reacts with tears to produce mild sulfuric acid that hurts. The brain then signals the tear glands present in the eyes to produce tears to flush it out.

Now that you understand the reasons why these weird body quirks occur, you can be sure that most of what your grandma or mother offered as a remedy does work. However, if any of these body quirks persist, then make sure you visit a doctor to get it checked. At, you can find the best General Physician in Patna or the city you live in.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad