What is the Best Eye Swelling Treatment?

What is the Best Eye Swelling Treatment?

What is the Best Eye Swelling Treatment?

The eyelid is one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies, it is a fully functioning skin tissue that comprises tear glands, eyelashes, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands. When any of these tissues develop an inflammatory reaction, the outcome is swelling and irritation in the eye. There are various eye swelling treatment, as it is not a condition but a symptom of another underlying condition.

There are various eye swelling treatment options:

  • Home Remedies/Cures

    There are certain cases where home remedies can work as eye swelling treatments. You can choose which one works for you from the list below.  



Cold compress

Take a soft cotton cloth and dip it into cold water, then place it on the affected area for a couple of minutes. This will reduce inflammation and provide relaxation to the swollen area.

Avoid smoking

Make sure you avoid smoking when the eyes are swollen, as this may aggravate the condition.

Proper sleep

Getting enough sleep helps with the condition, as it regulates blood flow and gives time for the eye to heal.

Less salt in food

Limiting salt in your diet reduces fluid retention in the area which will further reduce the swollen eye.

  • Medication

    In most cases, swollen eyes are cured through home remedies, and if not home remedies, then only cosmetic surgery can cure the condition. However, if you feel your eye swelling treatment at home is not working and your condition is an allergic reaction, visiting a professional is recommended. They will perform the necessary tests to diagnose the underlying cause and provide the required medications for the condition.

  • Therapy

    There are various therapies that can help reduce eyelid swelling to improve vision and overall appearance. Therapy includes chemical peels, fillers, and laser treatment. These procedures not only help with swollen eyes but also with tightening the skin, and skin tone and providing the skin with much-needed rejuvenation. Therapies should only be considered if they are recommended by the doctor, as each skin type and condition requires a different treatment.

  • Surgery

    One of the swollen eyelid treatments consists of surgery called blepharoplasty (pronounced as BLEF-uh-roe-plas-tee). This process consists of removing excess fat from the eyelid area. It is a general procedure that helps with saggy and swollen eyes as it removes the extra skin to help better your vision and overall appearance. Other than swollen eyes, blepharoplasty also helps with:
    • Improving saggy eyelids/upper eyelids
    • Reducing excess skin around the eye area
    • Improving your vision when there is a barrier in the vision/eyesight because of saggy eyes
    These are some of the options for eye swelling treatment. There can be more to it depending upon the intensity of the condition and the doctor’s recommendations.

Causes of Eye Swelling

There is not one but various causes for swollen eyes leading to eyes swelling up, including:

To sum up, eye swelling is not uncommon or unusual. It can happen to anyone due to various reasons. It can happen due to a simple stye or at times, it shows up as a side-effect of a severe condition.

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