What Questions Can You Expect from a Gynaecologist?

What Questions Can You Expect from a Gynaecologist?

Scheduling a gynaecologist’s visit only when something goes wrong is the biggest blunder we can make. Visiting a healthcare provider and getting yourself assessed every now and then is of utmost importance. Such visits can detect diseases much earlier and can be treated easily. Women especially, undergo changes every single day and are at risk than men. Menstruation, menopause, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, lactation, infertility, cancers and tumours are various problems they will encounter. So visiting a sehat.com Gynaecologist regularly is very important no matter how good your health condition is.

Preparing yourself for a visit too is important. There can be medical examinations or just a regular interaction. Instead of panicking the last moment, prepare yourself for the check up. Here’s a list of questions you can expect from a gynaecologist.

1. What is the reason for your visit?

Explain clearly why you came to see her. If you are suffering from a problem, throw more light on the changes you are observing in your body. Never hide anything from the doctor. Open up and vent out your feelings.

2. When did you have your first period?

3. When was your last period?

4. Are your periods regular? How long does the cycle last?

Menstrual cycles must always be on time and should be regular. Their consistency shows how healthy you are.

5. Family medical history

Cancers, diabetes, menstruation problems, cysts, tumours or any other special cases that are seen in your parents and their families play a key role in determining your health. There are chances you might inherit a problem from them.

6. Are you married or single?

7. If married, how many children do you have?

8. Were the births normal or via c-section?

9. If a c-section, what is the reason?

10. How sexually active are you?

11. Do you use any contraception to prevent pregnancy?

12. How healthy is your husband?

13. Has he contracted any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the past?

14. Do you feel tired, fatigued all through the day?

15. Do you exercise every day?

16. Are you experiencing tummy cramps while menstruating?

17. Have you ever been hospitalised earlier for any disorder?

18. Did you undergo any surgeries in the past?

After a one-on-one session, your sehat.com Gynaecologist might want to take a look at your body for physical examination.

Breast examination to look for lumps, checking the neck for thyroid related lumps, pressing over the abdomen to find cysts or lumps and a pelvic examination to see the pelvis, vagina and the other internal organs are carried out. Sometimes, a swab is used to collect samples from the wall of the pelvis and sent to the laboratory to rule out pelvic cancers. Blood tests are administered to get a count of haemoglobin, RBCs and WBCs, blood sugar levels and thyroid hormone levels. These tests tell a lot about your health and can indicate future diseases too. Height and weight are also checked to see if you are balanced. Underweight and overweight issues can be rectified and you can work on them.

Always remember that all your checkups with your gynaecologist are totally confidential. She wouldn’t tell the world if you are obese or are a diabetic. Do not hide anything that you might be ashamed of. Talk to her about unsafe sex, drug abuse and other things you might be exposed to. A doctor will definitely listen to you and offer help.

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