What To Do When Baby Gets Sick?

baby gets sick?

Babies tend to get sick often and it is not easy to find the symptoms. Cries and sobs may be similar for sleep and nose blocks. So, if you are always stress when your baby falls ill, then here are a few tips to help you stay cool and determine, if the bay needs to be taken to the doctor immediately.


It is a symptom that there is a problem unknown and not a problem by itself. The temperature goes high because the enzymes that fight infection work better on high temperature. In kids, fever may be because of ear infection, cold, flu, or a reaction to the vaccine. Kids become fuzzy when they are feverish.


  • You need not worry, if the fever is below 101 degrees. Slight increase in temperature is not dangerous.
  • Undress the baby and give more fluids
  • Wiping the baby decreases the degree by one or two degrees
  • If it is a new born kid, then you need to rush to the doctor even if it is a slight rise in temperature
  • For a kid less than 1 year, call the doctor if it is 102 degrees or above
  • For other kids immediate medical attention is required if it is 104 degrees or above

Common Cold:

Fall and winter cause cold in children for nearly about 8 times a year. The sneeze, cough, sniffle, runny nose or stuffy nose stay for 2 to 3 days, in the worst case, for 5 days and then subside.


  • Run a humidifier in the baby’s room as dry air worsens the congestion
  • Elevating the head of the baby helps in drying the sinuses
  • Place pillows under the mattress and do not place it directly under the child’s head
  • Give more fluids, breast milk, formula or anything the baby drinks
  • If it is a new born or has high temperature, call the doctor


RSV is a virus affecting the breathing passages. It begins like a cold and leads to cough.


  • Use a humidifier in the baby’s room
  • Give child’s Tylenol and more fluids
  • Call the doctor or for medical assistance if it is a new born
  • Check the passage between ribs and if they are sucked, it is time to call the doctor

Ear Infection:

Stuffy nose, fever, tugging of ears denotes ear infection. Some infections clear themselves. The ear may look normal one day and affected other day. Wait for the symptoms to increase and take to the doctor. When you leave it unattended, ear loss and ruptured ear drum are the results.


A virus leads to the watery and on and off bowel movements. Also, bacteria, food allergies, food intolerance, can cause diarrhea.

  • Give the baby loads of fluids
  • Diarrhea can last even up to 10 days
  • Give electrolyte and gradually increase the dose from one tablespoon
  • If the baby has fever and has bloody stools, call the doctor


This starts very much like a cold, stuffy nose and sniffling are found. Treat as a cold. Take the child to doctor if the condition does not improve in 5 days.


This starts very much like a cold, stuffy nose and sniffling are found. Treat as a cold. Take the child to doctor if the condition does not improve in 5 days.

  • This is contagious and spread quickly
  • Check with the doctor immediately and make sure if the kid has to be given antibiotics.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad