Why Delhiites Are Investing In Air Purifiers To Tackle Pollution?

Why Delhiites Are Investing In Air Purifiers To Tackle Pollution?

Why Delhiites Are Investing In Air Purifiers To Tackle Pollution?

With Delhi's air-quality index depleting day-by-day, there is an urgent need for something that can tackle the pollution with ease, especially when you are home-bound during this pandemic scenario. Air purifiers have become a standard for most households in Delhi, but are they really that good?

In this blog, we will learn the reason behind the popularity of air purifiers among Delhiites for tackling the pollution within your house.

While most air purifiers are designed, well, to clean the air inside your house, not all of them are competent enough to do this job the right way. These machines reduce the particulate matter present indoors, making it an effective choice to combat indoor pollution.

So, before investing your money into the best air purifier online, read on to know why Delhiites are investing in air purifiers to tackle pollution.

1. HEPA Filters Are In Trend

Today, more and more Delhi localities are investing in the use of HEPA air purifiers. This mechanical filter for air pollutants works on the methodology by which air is forced through a very fine mesh designed to trap harmful pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, tobacco smoke, or dust mites. When left unchecked, these particulates can lodge deep within our lungs & induce respiratory issues such as asthma, lung infection, sore throat, and so on.

The prime difference between HEPA purifiers and ordinary air purifiers is the former's ability to extract the air's impurities thoroughly. These filters suck the airborne contaminants & push out fresh, clean air.

2. What Should Your Air Purifier Have?

Apart from the HEPA filter's capability to filter out minute (PM 2.5 or less) particulate matter, your air purifiers should also have certain features to function at their optimum.

1. Activated Charcoal Filter

When buying air purifiers, you need to ensure that the machine packs in activated charcoal for the removal of harmful gasses & bad odor from within your house. Activated charcoal is highly-absorptive in nature and adds to your health with safe and breathable air within the home space.

2. Pre-Filter is a Must

When looking for the right air filter for your home in Delhi, make sure you check whether it comes with a pre-filter. Why pre-filter? With this add-on, you can ensure a minimum load on your HEPA filter, and the large particulates are removed with ease.

In air filters that lack a pre-filter, these large pollutants would eventually be filtered out by the HEPA and thus cause a reduction in the overall efficiency. Not just that, cleaning a pre-filter is easier and a more efficient compilation that helps add to the years left for your air purifier.

3. High Delivery Rate for Clean Air

Another factor that you need to keep in mind when buying an air purifier is its CADR rate. The higher your purifier's CADR rate, the higher the volume of air that is being purified. You can find a number indicated in the box when buying an air purifier. So, look for a machine with a higher number to ensure that almost all pollutants are removed from the air within the house.

4. Coverage Area

Just like your air conditioner, the air purifier is also designed to clean up a fixed area within your house. These coverage numbers mostly come in square feet. When purchasing a purifier, one must find out half of the manufacturers' area to understand if the machine fits your needs.

This is due to the fact that manufacturers tend to test the equipment within a sealed and monitored environment while the purifier runs at its highest speed. However, these conditions might be altered in real life due to the variables present in the atmosphere. Moreover, running the air purifier can get noisy and disturb you or your neighbors at its full speed.

Apart from this, a leaky door or window could also reduce the overall efficiency of the machine.

5-Avoid Air Purifiers with Photocatalytic Oxidation, Negative Ions, or UV Lights

Make sure you avoid air purifiers with any of these three specifications. While they might be effective in cleaning out the air, they actually aren't healthy or environment-friendly by any means. These air purifiers are known to release ozone into the air as a derivative.

When inhaled, ozone can harm your lungs in several ways that include incidents of respiratory issues or an asthma attack.

6. Check for Replacement Filter Availability

Now, this is yet another factor to consider before you buy a replacement filter. You need to assure that the company you buy from sells replacement filters at pocket-friendly prices. Depending on the pollution level in the area you live in, the EPA or HEPA filter will last hardly 2 to 3 months before it needs to be changed.

So, make sure these filters are available readily, and you don't have to struggle to find them.


Now that you know why these filters are popular amid the Delhiites, you must also start looking for a reliable air filter for your house. Doing this will keep you healthy and help evade any possible health issues in the long run. Breathe in the fresh air with a reliable air purifier. You can find some amazing options online available at pocket-friendly prices.