Window Shopping To Lose Weight

Window Shopping To Lose Weight

Window Shopping to Lose Weight

The most common problem amongst those who are grossly or just a little bit overweight is that they simply hate exercising. But exercise is an essential component of a healthy life and if you feel too conscious of joining a gym or performing exercises with everyone around, then you must find some other alternative which will enable you to stay physically fit.

When you let known your objective of wanting to lose weight, one of the first things that people will tell you would pertain to changing your diet. You will be encouraged to eat healthy food such as vegetables and fruits and combine the same with exercise. However, many people wish to lose weight without exercising much or probably exercising in a way that hardly entails working out.

If you belong to this category, then you need to find something that will keep you on the move but does not seem like a stringent work-out at all. You should look for some activity that will enable you to stay on your feet most of the time so that even though it does not seem like exercising, it entails plenty of physical movement. An example is that of window shopping.

True that it entails a certain amount of expenditure you can actually limit your spending by carrying only a small amount of money and ensuring that you do not carry your credit card. Window shopping can be fun and sometimes it may lift up the spirits of someone who may be feeling under the weather. By taking your time to walk around shops for at least one hour every day, you will automatically begin to lose weight.

A Creative Alternative

Window Shopping + Diet + Exercise = Effective Weight Loss Formula

Indeed, window shopping or even simply strolling along will cause you to lose weight the easy way. Alongside you must also monitor your diet and alter it to suit your objective, like eliminating fats and fast food how much ever tempting they might be especially while outdoors.

You can also allot a certain time every day to walk around in the shopping mall, like waking up early every morning and paying a visit when it would not be as crowded. Once inside you can physically climb up and down the stairs a number of times and stay healthy.

Drawing Inspiration

One of the best inspirations to lose weight entails having in front of you the picture of a person who is obese as also a list of health issues that crop up as a result of obesity. Having one hanging next to your TV and another one on your bed will enable you to keep in mind your objective at all times. In this way, you will also adopt more creative ways like window shopping to lose weight and remain firm on your resolve.

Thus, window shopping is definitely an option that you can utilize if you would like to lose weight but at the same time are too lazy to exercise. As long as you refrain from indulging yourself during the spree, you are bound to lose weight and that too in a way which you enjoy.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad