Winning Over Smoking

Winning Over Smoking

Winning Over Smoking

Recent decades have seen a massive increase in the numbers of both active and passive smokers. Tobacco, in all its forms, accounts for the largest number of preventable deaths globally. The health issues invited through regular smoking are ever increasing. Starting from bad breath, impotence and organ failure, the more serious issues such as cancer are well known by all including the smokers. All efforts to reduce or eliminate smoking, though not gone waste, have failed.

The real method of controlling smoking does not lie in talking of the ill effects but in sharing practical tips and professional help to get rid of the habit. Our endeavor is on similar lines and would like to present the following simple to follow tips that can help disrupt or eradicate the craving for smoke.

1. Maintain a Craving Book

One needs to find out how is the life after quitting. Initially, one tends to succumb to the craving and take a cigarette or two. This is acceptable however start recording these defaults. Towards the end of each week, start putting things together and develop insights.

2. Start Aerobic Exercises

Weight gain can be one of the results of quitting smoking. For this reason not to become a cause of continuous smoking, one should start burning the calories. Exercise is a great way to increase intake of fresh air into the lungs. This improves stamina, hunger and even optimism. One needs all the above to quit this habit.

3. Avoid Alcohol, Red Meat and Caffeine

The urge to smoke is easily converted to other forms of addictions like alcohol and coffee. There are not better in terms of health and hence regulated. The best way is to thrive on non-alcoholic beverages and dry nuts. In fact, heavy consumption of the above three leads to a burning desire to resume smoking

4. Mind Your Surroundings

Our environment pushes us to smoke as well. Try to limit or best avoid the company of friends during their smoke time. It is advisable to share your idea of quitting with your friends. This also puts social pressure on us

5. Try Alternate Therapies

Address the issue at its root – mind. Try meditation, salt water baths and aromatherapy. Oils such as sandalwood and lavender applied to throat and forehead gradually releases the necessity to smoke.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad