World's Best Health Secrets Revealed

World's Best Health Secrets Revealed

Secret Health Tips

Living a healthy life is simple. Really! General belief is that we focus on eating and exercising regularly. But the real question extends much beyond food regularity into lifestyle, habits and science of the body. It is our endeavor to bring to your notice certain facts that are not uncommon in our lives, but easy to oversee.

  • Oil with carrot, saves life – For all the carrot curry lovers, this one is for you. Carrots contain the much needed anti-oxidant called beta-carotene. Just like all antioxidants, this one is good for health in general and heart in particular. When carrot is sliced and cooked in oil, the fat content dissolves up to 75% of the valuable beta-carotene. However, if one were to eat raw carrot, the body can absorb about 11% of this life saver

  • Belly needs berries – Which is the best relief for a troubled stomach? Strawberries. They not only eliminate the ulcers of the stomach, but also minimize the damage done by the mucous membrane. It is free of side effects as it is a fruit and is hence suggested by naturopaths for regular consumption. It is good to note that turmeric, dark green vegetables and yoghurt also pack similar benefits

  • Relaxing the feet to prevent headaches – Sounds strange, but very true. When you are suffering from mild headaches, try placing feet into a bucket of warm water. Better still if you add a tablespoon of salt. Best to add few drops of lavender or eucalyptus. The story behind this is that the blood vessels dilate thereby drawing blood away from head and rushing towards feet. It also cleans the skin pores and lets the oil contents get into the bloodstream. According to Pranic healing, this cleans the chakras and balances the bodily activity thereby relaxing the whole body in general and head in particular

  • Handshake or kiss? – We are talking about social greetings here. In case one is suffering from cold, it is advisable for them to give a quick peck on the cheek rather than offer a generous handshake. Reason is that research proves handshake has higher probability of passing on the infection rather than a peck. The risk of getting the infection goes higher should the person use the contaminated hand to rub nose or eyes

  • Yoga for various moods – In case you are irritated or feeling down, bend backwards. The psychological effects of Yoga postures are astounding. Allopath have verified what Yoga declared millennia ago that exercises like bending forward and backward while standing improves the mood and gives a boost to your spirit. This is a better way for coming out of bad mood than other expensive external ways such as shopping or driving

  • Magic of Mushrooms – The risk of breast cancer is reduced to one third for those who eat mushroom at least thrice a week. research shows that folks who consume at least 10 grams a day were 64% less likely to develop this form of cancer than others

  • Protect ears through humming – This is particularly useful when approaching loud and noisy places. By pressing the lips together and humming softly, tenses the muscles in the ear and reducing exposure to external sounds that will harm your ear drum. In line with this, one should be wise while choosing the ear phones. The plug-in models are harmful as the music doesn’t leak out and bears full brunt on the ear. It is better to go for over the ear models

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad