5 Best Yoga Exercises For Peripheral Neuropathy

5 Best Yoga Exercises For Peripheral Neuropathy

Yoga Exercises For Peripheral Neuropathy

If you ask around about peripheral neuropathy, you will get to know that it is a common problem that is hard to tackle. Nerve pain can cause numbness, tickling, sharp jabbing pains, and sensitivity. In extreme cases, it causes poor coordination and paralysis. Despite medical drugs being available for use to cure nerve pain, yoga can also come in handy. Below are a few exercises you can engage into ward off peripheral neuropathy.

1. The Spinal Twist

The Spinal Twist - Yoga Exercise For Peripheral Neuropathy

This exercise can be strenuous, and you need to prep for it first. You can start by sitting on the floor and crossing one leg on top of the other while supporting it using your hands. This mild stretch prepares your muscles. You can then proceed to the full pose.

How To Do

A full spinal pose requires you to sit on the floor and cross your right foot on your left thigh. The right foot and the right hand should touch the floor while the left elbow rests on the right knee. After a few seconds, swap the legs and repeat the process as much as you want. To achieve the best results, your back should stretch a little. Try to move your head to help stretch muscles around the neck area too. The benefits derived from this exercise include proper blood circulation and nervous system relief. On top of these exercises, the site Nerve Pain Treatment offers more insights on how to reverse neuropathy. This is an informative platform recommended for those individuals struggling with this condition.

2. Balasana

Balasana - Yoga Exercise For Peripheral Neuropathy

Also known as a Child’s Pose, it is the easiest exercise to engage in. This easy exercise can be performed while starting a yoga session as it stimulates and re-energizes the body. The position also allows for stimulation of nerves which is a crucial step for peripheral neuropathy

How To Do

This position requires you to kneel and tuck your stomach towards your thighs. You then bend forward until your forehead touches the mat.

3. Dirgha Shwasan

Dirgha Shwasan - Yoga Exercise For Peripheral Neuropathy

This position ideal as it requires minimal effort too. The pose allows the release of toxins from the body and helps to stretch the back muscles of your body. It also helps relieve backaches and allows proper blood circulation as air circulated gets enough oxygen from breathing.

How To Do

The most effective way to pull this is to sit in an upright position and concentrate on taking deep breaths.

4. Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana - Yoga Exercise For Peripheral Neuropathy

This position is fulfilling and very effective. This exercise is effective as it stretches the body muscles, increases muscle strength, tones the body, and relieves back pain. The position also allows proper inhalation and exhalation, ensuring adequate blood circulation and oxygenation.

How To Do

While prepping for this, you should lie on your back and stretch. Once done, bring your hands near your chest and lie on your stomach. Push your legs high up from the back and your head and form a curve. You can also push it further by holding your feet with your legs and staying in that position for a few seconds. You can do this severally to achieve the stretch desired for the body

5. Savasana

Savasana - Yoga Exercise For Peripheral Neuropathy

This position, also known as the Corpse Pose, can be quite helpful. The position is ideal as it helps recover the energy used up during other yoga exercises. You also start your yoga routine exercises with it since it requires minimal movement.

How To Do

Just as the name suggests, this position requires you to lie on your back like a corpse. In this position, you get to place your hands on your side. Your face should face upwards. The position should be maintained for 15 minutes.