Can The Right Shoes Help Your Foot Pain?

Can The Right Shoes Help Your Foot Pain?

You may feel foot pain for a different reason. It may be injury, overuse or inflammation involving any of the bones, arthritis, ligaments or tendons can cause foot pain, bone bruise, calcaneal cysts and also many more reason behind it. Sometimes a wrong shoe can occur foot pain also with back pain. You may find out many foot pain disease-related information over there That's why Marian Hannan says, "The right shoe can reduce or eliminate foot pain, which has a huge impact on the body’s function and mobility”.

A Side Effect Of Wearing The Wrong Shoes

  • If your shoes are not suitable according to your activity or not suited to body weight or foot mechanics the chances of foot injury can be increased.
  • The wrong shoe can enhance existing pain or arthritis in knees, ankles, hips or feet.
  • Some shoe types like high heels and flip-flops aren’t suited to regular daily basis activity.

Why Should Some Shoes Be Avoided?

High Heels

Those high heels change the structure of your body and put extra weight on your legs, hips, and back. Regular high heels may occur the Achilles tendon to tighten and shorten. High hills also pressurize on the ball of your foot nerves and cause heel pain on foot.

Pointed-Toe Shoes

It's kind of high heels what scrunch toes simultaneously. these, a hard lump on the joint of your big toe can prolong an existing bunion. The awkward positioning of toes can cause them to a treaty and in the end shrinking under permanently, this condition known as hammertoe.

Ballet Flats

These shoes provide a little support to your feet, and also these don't have any arch system to help to soak the feet's pressure. This bad positioning of your toes can cause these to contract and at last, curl under permanently which is known as hammertoe.

Flip Flops

These shoes do not provide proper support to the feet as well. The scarcity of adequate foot support is the primary cause of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Achilles tendinitis is happened by the bad mechanics of foot, leading to over pulling of the tendon. The thong flip-flop is also the reason behind hammertoe.

Tractable Shoes

Dr Curry says that flexible shoes are not going to be supportive enough for foot and causes toes paining. Good vault supportive shoes are difficult to manipulate. Doctor warns against buying any shoes which bend in half.

How Does The Right Shoe Help To Reduce Foot Pain?

  • A proper size shoe may prevent your foot from getting extra stress of your body weight. This will help your feet nerve move comfortably.
  • Dr Curry recommends wearing the right shoes for the occasion. Sneakers or supportive footwear for spending long periods on feet is good for foot and also helps to reduce existing foot pain.
  • Sandals offer a little sole and a few narrow pieces of leather to remain your foot in place. If you have arthritis pain in your lower leg, then go for sandals to get more support.

So a proper shoe choice is most important for any foot pain. For injuries or different sort of foot-related disease, the need for an appropriate option of the shoe is mandatory. That's why doctor's medicated shoes are available for minimizing this kind of pain.