A Beginner's Guide In Buying Contact Lenses

A Beginner's Guide In Buying Contact Lenses

A Beginner's Guide in Buying Contact Lenses

If you are going to use contact lenses to ditch glasses, you are in the right article. Switching to contacts will bring a massive difference in your lifestyle. The fact that it is easy to wear makes all sense.

Eyeglasses always seem to be uncomfortable in every circumstance. They are often burdensome to wear, particularly when humid; they frequently get foggy, or when it is hot, eyeglasses add up to the uncomfortable feeling that summer gives. Also, when we bend over, they tend to fall. Not just that, they are too inconvenient in times when we are doing some sort of activity or sports. They are also not really that handy, so they are often misplaced, and the fact that it is most likely to happen makes it more annoying.

In short, eyeglasses are not for everyone; it all depends on you but shifting is best if you find glasses too uncomfortable for your liking. In comparison to contact lenses, it might provide the same benefits without having to experience the things aforesaid (read more).

Shifting from specs to contacts might be demanding. It is a process and a commitment to be able to pull it off for a long time. Adapting to it is a learning process and might require proper understanding and knowledge to ensure that you are decently handling them. Thus, you have to adapt to it and learn how to do it right.

Be guided on your first use of contact lenses. Read on.

Shopping For Contacts

Although contact lenses are convenient to wear, they might be risky if you neglect the process of the proper way to use them.

The first question to ask is where are you going to buy contact lenses?

In finding a store that sells contact lenses, it would be easy. Multiple brands offer a wide range of colors in contact lenses. Although it has been popularized as an additional style and fashion, studies have been made on how contact lenses now became an alternative for prescriptive eyeglasses.

Ever since the advent of contacts has been created, it has been normalized to be used whenever it may be for fashion or practicality; it is beneficial for everyone, in short.

When it comes to beauty, contact lenses are used to enhance your eyes by putting them directly on the surface of your eyes. Contact lens helps in improving one's beauty. Meanwhile, some used it for visual correction. Having technology nowadays, it has been fatal for many digital media users to be affected by the radiation, making lots of people suffer from damaging their eyesight but not entirely, though. On the other hand, some were just born with eye conditions.

The fact that it comes as an aid in wearing prescription glasses makes it crucial.

Our eyes are indeed sensitive and must be kept an eye on. So, it is best to be critical in finding a store that will cater to your needs as a customer. But due to the situation right now, it is better to buy and order online contacts and thankfully, lots of brands have their sites opened for potential customers. Additionally, they are giving their information with full transparency to ensure the customers' safety. However, some are giving too-good-to-be-true pieces of information, neglecting its risks if not properly educated.

Specifically, for new users, when finding contacts for yourself, ensure your safety by consulting a doctor first if you have certain conditions regarding your eyes. It is better if they will be giving you a prescribed grade if you do have one. Find a brand that will educate you from its risks and will guarantee you its safety as well.

Meanwhile, non-prescribed contacts are also being sold in the market, especially for beauty. But if you are to have it worn regularly, have it checked first. See the description on every site and learn more about it. But it is not necessary if you are just going to use it occasionally as a decorative lens, but it is still recommended to do so to ensure that you are not inflicted with some eye conditions.

After deciding on which one to buy from, you should know how to properly store the contact lenses because it is critical. Improper storage of contact lenses might pose complications if once put in your eyes.

In Storing Contact Lenses

1. If you are not going to wear the contact lens for some time, properly keep it in a clean and closed lens case with a new solution made exclusively for contacts.

2. When you are going to keep it for a while, make sure to put a solution to avoid it from drying because they are more susceptible to damages, which is unsafe and might constitute irritation in your eyes.

3. Don't ever forget to clean your case. It is often forsaken, which is alarming. The bacteria can build up within the case if not correctly cleanse. In cleaning your case, you have to remove all the excess solution inside the case, and after, clean and rub it with a solution. To dry it, use a tissue.

It is best to maintain it until you have to replace your contacts with a new case to avoid contamination. Conventionally, it is being replaced after a month or two.

How Do You Use Contact Lenses?

Using a contact lens for the first time will be a struggle, as a matter of fact. Of course, you would not be that familiar with the feeling it might give, and you might get teared up when putting one for yourself. Probably you would ask, why is it moving? Why am I tearing up? Why doesn't it get in place!?

Since you are still not familiar with putting it directly on your eyes, you might encounter these problems. But honestly, you will get used to it.

Here are the steps on how to put contacts in your eyes for the first time;

  1. The most crucial one! Always rinse your hands thoroughly with a mild soap. Always wash and get sanitized! These are crucial because you would not want to get the germs from your hands to be put in your contacts, would you? It is risky, so do not ever forget this step.
  2. After your cleansing step, put the contact lens on your fingertips. Then pull your upper and lower eyelids up and down, respectively. This will help you open your eyes without blinking.
  3. Then, look upwards.
  4. Place the lenses in your eyes.

But since, it will be your first time. Possibly, you will drop your contacts. Make sure to clean it with a solution again and repeat the steps until you get it.

Here is a few more guidelines for you: wikihow.com

Remember not to put contacts when your eyes are being irritated or reddish to ensure that you are being prevented from further implications.

Anyway, here are the dos and don'ts in using contact lenses to prevent you from doing such, as you buy yourself contacts.


1. Always Wash Your Hands Properly Before Putting on Contact Lenses

2. Always Remove Them Before You Go To Sleep

Sleeping with contacts is dangerous. Even if others claim that it is safe, do not do it. Always remove them before sleeping to avoid a severe infection it might cause if you do not.

3. Be Cautious In Buying Them

Be cautious because not everyone who sells contact lenses is safe. Find a licensed seller or brand that offers a variety of them that are ensured with certification that they are safe.

4. Always Consult Your Doctor for A Prescription

They know the best, so you would have to stick with a trusted ophthalmologist to be certain of the products you are using.

5. Always Put Them In Proper Storage

As previously mentioned, it is important to properly store the contact lenses in their proper place because it will help in the maintenance of the contacts. Thus, lengthening its use for a long time since it is suitably preserved.


1. Don't Use Tap Water In Cleansing Your Contacts

Using unsterile water might inflict bacteria or germs. You have your solution with you because you should use them to make certain your contact lenses are secured and safe.

2. Do Not Overuse Them

Overusing contact lenses may contest the eyes from hydration and might probably decline oxygen, which is essential in our eyes to prevent drying. Do not bathe nor swim with your contact lenses on.

Harmful chemicals might get into your contacts that might cause severe infections due to the existence of bacteria and parasites in the pool.

3. Do not Wear Lenses If Your Eyes Get Irritated With Them

If you have a symptom of infection, those should not be ignored as they may be serious, if ever. It is better to have it checked and wait until it gets better.

4. Do Not Let Your Lenses Get Dried Up Without A Solution

Dry contact lenses would not be useful anymore. It would be a waste and is hard to rehydrate, so it is requisite not to be forgotten.