Nutritional Therapy for Acute Pancreatitis Patients

Nutritional Therapy for Acute Pancreatitis Patients

Acute Pancreatitis

Acute Pancreatitis is a condition of inflammation of the pancreas developed in the Digestive Tract. This causes an agonizing internal burn to the person dealing with it. Pancreas is an organ in the digestive tract that develops digestive enzymes necessary for the body and is navigated through a duct in the small intestine. Since it is evident that the issue is about the digestive system in the case of Acute Pancreatitis, a diet plan is a basic necessity for the remedy and prevention. Consumption of recommended best foods in the diet of acute pancreatitis will help the pancreatitis sufferers to overcome and recover from the condition.

According to The National Pancreas Foundation of the USA, despite the great advances in the critical care medicine over the past two decades, the mortality rate of acute pancreatitis has remained about 10%.

Usually, the daily diet for acute pancreatitis patient is segmented into five to six times at a regular interval, as the recovering patient finds it difficult to consume the meal twice or thrice in the day.

The best diet for pancreatitis patients is fat-free and only 20 grams of fat intake per day is allowed. The diet for pancreatitis sufferers should be high in antioxidants. These symbiotically helps to increase the immunity of the body against free radicals that harm the digestive tissues and worsen the condition.

Foods Good for Pancreatitis:

The best food for pancreatitis inevitably includes yogurt, green leafy vegetables, seafood, grains, mushrooms and soybeans. Proteins and carbohydrates consumption is also vital for acute pancreatitis diet and hence the vegetables, fresh fruit juice and fruits are also included in the diet. Olive oil is recommended strongly in the diet for pancreatitis sufferers.

Since tomatoes, berries, cherries and squash are high antioxidant foods, they are placed in the diet for acute pancreatitis patients. Diet for pancreatitis recovery will also include green tea (approximately 500 mg per day), holy basil (around 400 mg daily) and Rhodiola (around 300 mg daily) as they are rich antioxidants. Acute Pancreatitis Diet will also comprise of reishi mushrooms in a proportion of 300 mg daily as they are anti-inflammatory and suitable for immunity.

Boneless chicken and fish are included in the acute pancreatitis diet as they are low on fats. Pomegranates and bell peppers as well.

Diet for Acute Pancreatitis patients also include fruits like papayas and pineapples that are rich in high digestive enzymes.

The ideal best diet for pancreatitis patients is incomplete without Rice as it is rich in carbohydrates.

Green vegetables and salads that consist of cucumber, beet, tomatoes, carrot and coriander must be placed in acute pancreatitis diet of the patient recovering from it.

It is essential to intake fluids and water at regular interval to avoid dehydration in the case of acute pancreatitis. Gatorade and sports/energy drinks are considered good to avoid dehydration to such patients.

With the recommendation from gastroenterologists for pancreatitis patients, the intake of vitamin supplements must be included in their diet. A regular multivitamin supplement along with antioxidants A, B complex, C, D and E along with minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium and selenium will contribute favorably to the best diet for pancreatitis patients. Coenzyme Q10, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotic supplements, alpha liopic acids will make dietary supplements contributions to the acute pancreatitis diet.

Diet for Pancreatitis Sufferers:

There is a list of foods good for pancreatitis, and so there are some items that need to be completely eliminated and avoided in the diet for pancreatitis recovery. If there are some ‘best’ foods for pancreatitis patients, then there are some inevitably worst in the list as well.

Alcohol is a big no to the diet for acute pancreatitis patients. It is anti – ‘best diet for pancreatitis patients. In many cases, alcohol is the only cause behind the development of acute pancreatitis disease. It should absolutely be eliminated from acute pancreatitis diet to avoid further complications. Even the consumption of red wine is declined in the acute pancreatitis diet.

To develop a healthy pancreas, a person should quit smoking.

Hot beverages like tea and coffee are also eliminated from the best diet for pancreatitis patients. Also the dairy products.

Diet for acute pancreatitis patients also excludes junk food, burgers and pizzas, sweets, chocolates, refined food, bakery items. Baked foods like cakes and cookies consist of trans-fatty acids, and since a quintessential diet for acute pancreatitis patients limits the intake of fat only to 20 gms on a daily basis, they are to be excluded from the acute pancreatitis diet.

The low-fat items and high carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins intake from regular meal items will be an ideal diet for acute pancreatitis patients and help them develop healthy pancreas over a period of time. The food items that need to be avoided must be completely avoided so that the diet for pancreatitis sufferers will help them recover soon without complications. At, you can contact and get appointment of best Gastroenterologists in hyderabad for your wellbeing. Please note, never make a change in the acute pancreatitis diet plan without the consultation of your doctor treating you on this.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad