3 Benefits of Overcoming Pain Without Opioids

3 Benefits of Overcoming Pain Without Opioids

Benefits of overcoming pain without opioids

It is never easy living with pain. Whether it is something temporary due to an accident or injury, or something chronic, no one wants to experience pain. But more and more people are suffering from chronic pain. In America alone, there are about 100 million Americans living with it, with around half that number complaining of severe pain.

In times like these, the pain can truly affect the quality of life for a person. Most would be prescribed opioids in order to manage the pain. But this has resulted in an opioid crisis due to overprescribing of the medicine. While some may say that it is hopeless to live with chronic pain without the drugs, many people would also attest that it is possible to be pain-free without opiates. There are many alternatives you can do such as exercise, workshops on managing pain and more. If you opt for these instead of the opioids, here are 3 benefits you can get.

1. To Reduce The Stigma Of Addictive Medicines

There have been many articles that have come out that explained just how big the opioid crisis has become. With many people knowing the risk of addiction and dependence on drugs like opioids, there is also stigma and shame attached to it. While it is unfair for people who do use opioids to manage their pain, it also seems inevitable due to the fact that there are also many people who use the drugs even when they are not given the prescription. Aside from that, there are people who actually are ashamed of their need for the use of opioid. When you take away the use of opioid and learn how to manage your pain in a different manner, you are getting rid of the stigma.

2. To Empower The Person

Many who have learned how to overcome their need for opioid have declared that they have felt empowered when they learned how to overcome their pain without the aid of opioid medication. Have you ever had to learn something completely new? When you were for example, and learning to ride a bike without the training wheels, or perhaps learn how to drive, it was difficult at first. It can be frustrating, and for those learning to ride a bike, they might have had to endure a few scrapes and scratches. But it was all worth it once the training wheels were off or once you get your license to drive. You can also feel this empowered once you let go of the opioids and look for alternatives.

3. To Remove The Risk Of Addiction To Pain Medication

Taking opioids, in the beginning, is alright. After all, they are medicines designed to help. But some people get too dependent on the drug and end up harming themselves more. In other situations, the drugs get into the hands of those who do not need the prescription but take it anyway and they also become addicted to it. When you eliminate opioids, you are removing the risk and making it safer for you and the people around you.