Top 5 Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

If you thought practicing yoga could merely taper off your anxiety and help you rejuvenate mentally, then you might have to shuffle your thoughts around. While yoga helps you tranquilize and breathe easy, it can also assuage your pregnancy related health problems (quite interestingly). For you to gain a comprehensive insight, we have listed below the top 5 benefits of yoga during pregnancy. Take a look!

Yoga builds Strength:

Though it’s a pretty well known fact, but practicing yoga during your pregnancy can actually make you stronger and healthier. Since expectants feel a dearth of strength in their lower body, yoga aims at balancing their added weight and overall bodily changes. By practicing yoga on a regular basis, your upper body will find it easier to handle the added pregnancy weight for the year or so.

Yoga relieves Body Pain:

During pregnancy, most women whine over frequent backache problems – quite often worsening as the overall uterus weight elevates. Yoga during pregnancy may help prevent such backache concerns by strengthening the muscles that support a pregnant woman’s increased weight. In fact, certain yoga postures including pigeon pose and half-moon pose can help minimize your pregnancy pelvis irritation to a great extent.

Yoga Helps Open Hips for Childbirth:

Alright, this might sound as one of the most prominent benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy. To get down to brass tacks, yoga during your pregnancy can make your body a lot stronger and help you prepare for your childbirth. Although yoga has been deemed an exceptionally healthy practice to incorporate in daily life, but yoga poses during pregnancy is likely to be even more beneficial. Expectants should practice squats and other hip-opening postures – as these forms will not only enable them to widen their hips, but will also ease their contraction pain and childbirth.

Yoga Relieves Anxiety:

Another significant advantage of practicing yoga during your pregnancy is the major drop in your anxiety levels. Although being on pins and needles is quite common for women who are expecting, but yoga can always help you ease your anxiety and stress levels. In fact, physical exercises during your pregnancy days will enable you to relax your senses, feet at ease, and turn down those irksome noises in your head. In a nutshell, your overall health gets improved and your baby’s health gets better as well.

Yoga Encourages Confidence:

Last but equally valuable, yoga plays an extremely crucial role in shaping the way you feel about yourself during those special days. Since unfamiliar changes in emotions and uncomfortable side effects can induce uneasiness during pregnancy, yoga zeroes in on alleviating such restlessness. Practicing yoga when you are pregnant, to put it succinctly, will allow you to realize your bodily changes to make adjustments and will help you gain your inner strength for positive reinforcement.

Well, that certainly brings us to a standstill for the top 5 benefits that you could latch onto by practicing yoga during pregnancy. While there are enormous health benefits associated with yoga, but remember the above mentioned ones are certain to help you walk an easy road when you are expecting that little ‘angel’ in your home.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad