Best Tips To Increase Testosterone

Best Tips To Increase Testosterone

Best tips to increase Testosterone

Testosterone is a naturally occurring sex hormone in men. It plays a significant role in the development of reproductive organs in men. It encourages increased muscle production and promotes the growth of hair on the body. It also facilitates an increase in bone mass. Deficiencies in testosterone lead to significant effects on the body. For example, symptoms of low testosterone include unexplained hair loss, low bone density, and a reduction in lean muscle mass. Fortunately, boosting your testosterone levels is possible. Here are 5 tips to boosting testosterone.

1. Exercising Your Body

Studies have shown that exercising your body leads to a boost in testosterone levels. However, this boost does not last for long. Therefore, continuous exercises over a long period would increase the level of testosterone in your body significantly. Studies have also shown that this boost varies from an individual to another. For example, it can occur after an hour in a particular person and after 15 minutes in another one. The level of boost experienced also varies with the exercise that you perform.

2. Changing Your Diet

Your body reflects what you eat. In this case, your level of testosterone will be low if you eat foods that are low in protein. Remember, scientists have discovered that the consumption of supplemental proteins leads to a corresponding increase in an individual’s testosterone levels. However, this increase applies to particular individuals only. More specifically, people who exercise a lot and consume protein-rich foods will experience a boost in their testosterone levels. Interestingly, people who live sedentary lifestyles will experience a slight decrease in their testosterone levels.

3. Reducing Your Stress

In 2005, the European Journal of Physiology published an academic study on the relationship between stress and testosterone. This study confirmed what many other scientists had suspected in the past namely a negative relationship exists between these two phenomena. More specifically, the higher your stress levels are, then the lower your testosterone levels will be. Therefore, reducing stress in your life is one way of boosting your testosterone. Some scientists believe that the stress hormone, cortisol, depresses the production of testosterone in the body.

4. Rest Often & Sleep Well

Physical exercises strain your body. Increased levels of stress lead to a decrease in your testosterone levels. Therefore, one way of reducing your stress levels is by resting often and sleeping well. Doing so eases the strain on your body because of work or physical exercises. Sleep deprivation would lead to reduced testosterone levels in your body even if you do not exercise. A 2011 study by Rachel Leproult Ph.D. and Eve Van Cauter Ph.D. proved this fact. It found that restricting sleep to five hours only in one-week led to a 10% to 15% drop in testosterone levels.

5. Testosterone Supplements

These supplements boost your testosterone levels directly. They can be harmful or effective depending on the production of the manufacturer. Consequently, you should ask, ‘ â€˜what are the top supplements to boost testosterone?'' Only go for the best testosterone supplements on the market to ensure the efficacy of the product. Conduct research on the product so that you can make sure that they are safe to use and only use them as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Talk to your physician if you notice any adverse side effects that come with using this supplement.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad