Can Children And Kids Get Covi-19 Infection?

Can Children And Kids Get Covi-19 Infection?

Covid-19 Infection In Children

Can Children Get COVID-19 Infection?

COVID-19 infection is a virus that spreads from one person to another person very fast, which affects the respiratory system. Not only youngsters, adults, or senior citizens, COVID-19 infection in children is also seen and they will have to observe mild symptoms, sometimes even severe symptoms, become very sick, and even die. Proper care and precautions to be taken to cure the infection in adults as well as children. When a pregnant woman gets affected by coronavirus then the baby inside her also gets affected by the virus and the newborn babies may have mild symptoms or no symptoms. Pregnant women should be very careful and should take necessary precautions to avoid viruses.

Can Kids Get A COVID-19 Infection?

Yes, kids also get coronavirus. Coronavirus is a contagious disease that spreads from one person to another person very fast. According to the doctors, children between 2 years to 15 years, experience multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Need to contact your family doctor as soon as we observe the symptoms. Till now there is no vaccination for children under 18 years so there are chances that children get affected by the virus.

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Symptoms Of COVID-19 On Children And Kids

Like adults, children also observe symptoms, when affected by the virus.

Following are the symptoms noticed during COVID-19 infection in children between 2 to 15 years of age;

  • They get headaches and a fever greater than 100.
  • They will have red rashes on the body.
  • They get unusual stomach pain.
  • Their eyes become red and their lips become dry.
  • They lose smell and taste.
  • They observed muscle or body pains.
  • They have runny noses or congestion.
  • They observe shortness in breathing.

Risks Of COVID On Children

COVID-19 infection in children show severe symptoms, need to admit to the hospital if they have the below symptoms;

  • Children who are under 2 years old should be very careful.
  • Premature babies should be very careful.
  • Children who are suffering from chronic lung disease should be very careful.
  • Children with pre-medical conditions like Asthma or diabetes should be very careful.

Long Term Effects Of COVID-19 On Children

Children who are suffering from medical conditions like Asthma and Diabetes will have long-term effects;

1. Asthma Is A Respiratory Disease

Children suffering from Asthma have breathing problems. Most of the children who are suffering from Asthma have severe symptoms due to the virus, these children need extra care to protect themselves from coronavirus. These children will have long-term effects and need to be under doctor consultation after recovery from coronavirus.

2. Children Who Are Suffering From Diabetes

Children suffering from diabetes have severe symptoms of coronavirus. This diabetes will weaken the immune system. So, parents should closely observe their children. If they have symptoms, they should consult a doctor and admit them to the hospital. These children also have long-term symptoms that need extra care and need to be under doctor consultation after recovery from coronavirus.

Tips To Protect Children From COVID-19

Following are the ways to protect against COVID-19 infection in children;

  • Children should cover their noses with a mask when they come out of the house. Parents should help children in wearing masks. Parents should notice that their children should wear masks properly.
  • They should maintain a 6 feet distance when they go out of the house. When they go to school or go out to play, they should maintain physical distance.
  • Children should wash their hands regularly with soap or sanitize their hands after coming from outside. Limit the children when they go out to play with masks.
  • Parents should teach children to cough or sneeze into their elbow instead of using their hands, if they use hands ask them to wash their hands with soap or sanitizer.
  • Parents should tell children to avoid touching their eyes with fingers and avoid putting fingers in their mouth.
  • Parents should wash their toys daily as they always carry their toys with them and also put them in their mouths.
  • Parents should clean the surface of the house floor; children sit on the floor to play and touch the floor regularly.
  • Children feel stress when they stay at home for many days. We need to take them to outdoor games by wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and washing hands regularly.

Parents or guardians should be very careful in taking care of kids and should instruct them above instructions and keenly observe that they follow the tips to protect from viruses. COVID-19 infection in children is better be controlled and avoided as it is highly not safe and would lead to a very severe situation.


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