8 Crucial Health Tips That Every Mother Should Know

8 Crucial Health Tips That Every Mother Should Know

Crucial Health Tips That Every Mother Should Know

Parenting is not an easy job as it might appear. Nowadays, mothers are ambitious and busy, and she is supposed to do a lot of thing in little time. On the other hand, there are multiple options of unhealthy habit that results in bad health of children. Also, children do not have any clue about the nutritionist diet and consumption of junk foods can lead to poor health, all they care about is the taste and appearance of the food. Altogether, it results in overweight, obesity, and malnourishment at the same time. This further becomes the reason for various health issues such as asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure.

To avoid such situations, one has to take the entire responsibility- choosing the best school to a healthy diet to right medicine such as Zincovit. Everything should be carried out in a routine manner. Healthy habits should be inculcated at an early age so that children can grow into a healthy adult. Here is a list of healthy habits that a mother should bring in daily life for healthy children and family.

1. Immunization And Vaccination

The vaccine helps in immunization of body and immune system against the respective disease. Vaccination at the right age is necessary to prevent disabling or life-threatening diseases in future. Always, make a point to follow the proper schedule to get your child immunized.

Nowadays, schools are also attentive about the fact that the child being admitted is vaccinated. Apart from that, medical check-up should be a routine just to be aware that the child is growing healthy and if the child is susceptible to any disease, may be genetic or climatic, then preventive measure should be taken beforehand.

2. Begin With A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast becomes the primary source of energy for the entire day, make sure your children are getting the right amount of nutrition for the healthy functioning of the body. Healthy breakfast includes food items rich in carbohydrates such as cornflakes and milk, fruits, bread, sandwich, etc.

3. Food Variations

Around 40 kinds of nutrients including minerals and vitamins are required by our body for proper functioning and good health. The best way to cope up with this need is to make a properly balanced diet. Different variety of food should be included in the diet including fruits, bread, milk, meat, etc.

For children, all the foods are not likable so these foods should be represented them in a manner that they like it so that they can consume it.

4. Plenty of Liquid Intakes

Half of our body weight constitute of the weight of water. In order to stay healthy, children need a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water each day. The benefits should be discussed with children and they should be encouraged to have plenty of water. Not just water, water containing fruits such as watermelon, low-fat milk, fresh juice, and buttermilk should be included in their diet for proper balance.

5. Enough Sleep

The body performs restorative and growth action while a person is sleeping, hence, for overall growth, a child should get enough of sleep. Sleep is directly related to the memory, performance and alertness. A good night sleep should always be followed by a healthy breakfast as the energy level becomes low after night sleep. Including this activity in a daily routine assists your child in an active lifestyle and concentrate better at studies and other curricular activities.

Less time for TVs, Mobile Phones and Video games: Well, growing up in the era of internet has its own pros and cons. We can do almost everything with the click of a button; on the other hand, they are making us lazy and less active physically. When it comes to children, they are also tech-savvy and are well versed with mobile usage, video games, etc. We can conclude that we can’t keep them away from tabs and televisions; but these things keep them glued to the couch; hence, obesity and overweight are some of the results. To avoid such issues, parents should fix some time to use the gadgets in a limited hour and physical activity should be a must-to-do thing in the routine.

6. Physical Activity

Physical activity is a vital need of the body for its proper functioning. It adds a balance in both physical and mental health of an individual. And it is quintessential in the growing hour. According to pediatrics, 60 minutes of physical is recommended to children along with a healthy diet. When we talk of physical activity, it includes any and all kind of activity that requires physical movement such as jogging, skipping, hiking, sports of choice, swimming, horse riding, etc.

Physical activity should not sound like a punishment to children, and it should be more of a fun activity that children themselves should be interested to involve in. And for that, you could ask his/her friends to tag along or take them for activities that they love doing.

7. Personal Hygiene

With increasing pollution everywhere, hygiene is an essential area to be focused on. At the growing phase when the immune system is still developing, children are more susceptible to certain allergies, infections and health condition that can be life-threatening. Hence, maintaining personal hygiene should be inculcated in them from initial days.

Among all the personal hygiene habits to be followed, washing hands should be the foremost one. It is the simplest and effective way to keep the germs at bay. And one of the easiest ways to keep the hands clean all the time is to carry a bottle of sanitizer everywhere.

Kids should be taught not to share the water bottle, handkerchief, foods, etc. as these are the primary source through which infections spread. Also, ask them to cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing, as infections can spread to people of the surrounding. Above tips are easy to follow and slight alteration in daily routine can help them to inculcate in regular practice. They are not only beneficial for the short term but also will keep your children healthy in long run.