Foods That Hamper Ear Health

Foods That Hamper Ear Health

Foods That Cause Hearing Loss

Healthy nutrition is an essential component of a healthy life. What we eat has a direct impact on our health. Certain foods improve our health while the intake of some foods may have a negative impact on health. Ears are the stato-acoustic organ which helps in hearing as well as maintaining balance. When we say certain foods cause hearing loss, it means they affect the health of ears and can worsen the already existing condition such as tinnitus. Some food may cause vertigo by triggering a migraine. People who are highly sensitive to these foods should either avoid or limit their consumption. The hearing loss may be improved through proper nutrition. Various vitamins are used in hearing loss and minerals such as zinc improves hearing.

Foods That Cause Hearing Loss Or Affect The Health Of Ears

1. Salty Foods

Fluid balance is generally maintained in the body by sodium. Taking too many salty foods may alter the level of fluid inside the body. This may also affect the volume of fluid-filled in the ears. This lead to problems in the inner ear and the patient may experience vertigo, that may lead to nausea and vomiting. Thus, foods with a high level of salts such as potato chips, soya sauce, canned food, and French fries should be avoided, especially by people who are highly sensitive to altered fluid levels in ears.

2. Fast Foods

People with tinnitus should avoid fast foods as these foods may aggravate the condition. Fast food contains salt, sugar, trans fats and preservatives in the quantity sufficient to initiate the symptoms of tinnitus. Such people should prefer food made at home. These foods interfere in the blood circulation as they contain saturated and trans fats. A person should avoid fried foods, and fatty meats as they also cause long term health problems.

3. Foods With sulfite

Sulfite containing foods may worsen the condition of tinnitus in people who have sulfite intolerance. Sulfite is present in foods and beverages in the form of preservatives that help these things last longer. Although the exact cause of tinnitus due to sulfite intake is not known, it has been hypothesized that the increased level of sulfite may interfere with the enzyme needed for the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

4. High-Sugar Foods

People with diabetes are at higher risk of developing hearing loss due to nerve damage caused due to high blood sugar. These people should keep their blood sugar under control as this may lead to irreversible complications. Foods rich in added sugars may also affect the health of ears in people who are non-diabetics. This may be due to alteration in the level of ear fluid that may cause worsening of tinnitus. Thus, a person should limit the consumption of frozen desserts, pastries, pancakes, and candies.

5. Foods High In Salicylates

Some food contains a high quantity of salicylates. People who are not sensitive to salicylates do not have any impact on ear health after consuming these foods. However, people who are highly sensitive to salicylates should have a close look at otological symptoms while taking such foods. These foods include raisins, curry powder, and almonds.

6. Chemical/Pesticides Containing Foods

Various chemicals such as hormones, pesticides or antibiotics are used during farming to improve food production. However, when these chemical containing foods are eaten by humans in large quantities, it may cause various health problems. Polychlorinated biphenyl is a chemical found in certain fish that may cause hearing impairments. The best way to avoid such foods is to choose organic foods.

7. Refined Carbohydrates

The body is not able to effectively process the food containing refined carbohydrates. This may lead to various health concerns. Such type of food includes white bread and pasta. This is because many nutritive substances, for absorption, requires the presence of other substances. During the refining process, these aiding substances get lost.

8. Tyramine Containing Foods

Foods which increases the attack of migraine also interferes in the functioning of the inner ear leading to vertigo and tinnitus. Foods containing tyramine may trigger a migraine attack. Tyramine is an amino acid found in foods such as chicken liver, red wine, smoked fish, aged cheese, and figs.

9. Fruits

Some other fruits and nuts increase the risk of migraine and may also alter the physiological functioning of the inner ear. This may result in a reduced hearing. These fruits include bananas, avocado, and fruits containing a high concentration of citric acid. Patient with migraine should also avoid nuts if their intake worsens the symptoms of migraine.


Some foods may cause the hearing problem in people who are highly sensitive to a particular food, while in other cases, the prolonged intake of a certain type of food may cause a hearing problem. Food may also trigger or worsen the pre-existing condition such as migraine that may lead to tinnitus or vertigo. Foods that may cause hearing problem includes high salty foods, food containing added sugars, tyramine containing foods, foods with pesticides or chemicals and foods high in salicylates.


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