Hair Transplant After Surgery Care

Hair Transplant After Surgery Care

Hair Transplant After Surgery care

Hair transplant has become a popular solution for people facing acute hair loss. It is also ideal for those who experience baldness for factors beyond their control. However, to obtain the benefits of the procedure, you have to adhere to post-surgery cautions as advised by the surgeons. Rest from intense physical activity is required. Practicing hygiene and evading pressure on scalp region are among the mandatory precautions. At any rate, refrain from using any medication or cream without consulting the doctor. Adhering to some such basic and essential precautions will fetch you success in this regard.

For millions of men, having healthy and shiny hair is a desire. However, hair loss and hair fall-related problems affect the majority of people after a certain age. Baldness may run in heredity for some people while for others hair loss can be caused by numerous factors including pollution, stress, exposure to chemical and radiation, etc. If you are not among those who think being bald is cool, opting for hair transplant is a way out and know the different hair treatment side effects. It works way better than also those serums, oils, and ointments that are sold with claims of making new hair growth on the scalp! However, it is not only a costly proposition, but the recipient also needs to adopt certain measures to ensure the result is desired.

Below listed a list of do’s and don’ts that you should adhere to after undergoing hair transplant procedure:


Adhering To The Surgeon’s Advice

The first and foremost Hair Transplant after Surgery Care tips is adhering to the advice of the surgeon who handled your transplant. Based on your case, the surgeon will impart you tips and advice to make changes to your lifestyle for the post-surgery period. Do stick to the advice thoroughly after undergoing the procedure.

Allowing The Skin to Heal

After you return home from the clinic after undergoing a hair transplant surgery, you should let the skin on scalp heal. It would be necessary to adopt some Precautions after hair transplant surgery for that. You may be required to keep the scalp dry for a day after the procedure is done.

Allowing The Scar to Resolve

No matter what method the surgeon has used, a small amount of scar would be there on the scalp. Adopting Precautions after hair transplant surgery is necessary to let the scar heal and dissolve. For this, you have to keep the scalp clean and apply doctor recommended ointment or lotion for scar healing.

Sleeping Properly

This is also important after undergoing a hair transplant procedure. Sleeping in a semi-upright pose and using more than one pillow may be required. This will help you evade any pressure on the scalp and resultant itching or swelling, as it is. You may be advised by the surgeon to sleep on your sides for the first few nights to avoid putting pressure on the scalp. If you have the habit of taking a nap at the daytime, use a reclining chair.

Taking Off:

You may take a few days off from work after the day of surgery for practical reasons. If possible, based on your situation, you may opt for working from home for a couple of days or so.

Practicing Hygiene

The scalp area should not be exposed to any kind of germ or bacteria post the procedure. So, ensure your towel, bedding and attire is disinfected and when you touch your scalp, your hands are clean.


Avoiding self-Medication

Some amount of scarring, swelling, and pain is experienced by people who undergo a hair transplant. This may be the case with you. However, you should not forget about Precautions after hair transplant surgery. Do not resort to any self-medication without talking with the surgeon to reduce pain or swelling.

Avoiding Smoking And Alcohol

Smoking and drinking should be avoided after surgery as indulging in these may disrupt blood flow to the brain. Blood flow is important for the growth of new hair follicles.

Avoiding Sports

For practical reasons, evade indulging in any sports and activities like strenuous exercise after undergoing this transplant. This should be maintained for one month or so after the procedure.

Avoiding Sweating

Try to stay in a cool place where excess humidity and heat are not present. Sweating of the scalp may allow germs to gather on it and this may prolong recovery and lead to infection. For this, do not go out in the sun for a few days after the surgery.

Where It All Leads To?

Hair transplant is a much sought after solution for people coping with accelerated hair loss and baldness and success depends largely on post-surgery care. It is best that you stick to the Precautions after the hair transplant surgery and do not use any medication without talking with the surgeon. The precautions are not drastic and you will not have to make huge changes in your life as such. In any situation, evading contamination on the scalp and putting pressure on the region should be evaded.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad