Health Benefits of Okra That You Should be Aware of

Health Benefits of Okra That You Should be Aware of

Okra is one vegetable with a pod shape that many people chose to overlook for other vegetables. However, this finger shaped vegetable is a powerhouse of nutrients and it has been a part of cuisine in many countries. Eating Okra can be quite beneficial for anyone. It is a digestive aid and eating okra helps improve eyesight and immunity to an extent. From soups to meat based curries and pickles, it can be prepared in various ways. If you do not like its taste, drinking okra soaked water is a solution. However, using fresh and organic okra is the best way to go. You should evade eating it in case you are allergic.

People eat so many types of vegetables, but they tend to overlook the nutritional and health benefits offered by some of them. Okra is one such example. If you have given this green and finger shaped vegetable a miss in favor of spinach and broccoli, it is time you learn the truth and change your habit. It is a vegetable that is harvested mostly in warm tropical climate regions. The seed filled pods in the plant are cooked in numerous ways for consumption by humans. You are sure to include the vegetable in your diet once you come to know the Health Benefits of Okra.

What Are The Advantages of Eating Okra?

Below Listed are The Major Advantages of Consuming Okra:

Digestion Benefits:

The Health benefits of lady fingers or Okra includes digestive system boost. It is rich in fiber and so okra enriched meal ensures you get rid of digestion related problems. You will experience better digestion after eating okra and bloating or constipation will diminish. It acts as a natural laxative food.

Good for Eyes:

Okra, Good for eyes

You may have heard about benefits of eating carrots for better eyesight. Eating Okra can offer you the same advantages. This is owing to the fact this vegetable has a fair amount of vitamin A and powerful antioxidants that help improve your vision. This is among the top Health Benefits of Okra.

Immunity Boost:

A weakened immune system is the main reason behind people getting afflicted with various viral and bacterial infections and ailments. When the immunity is weak, the germs find it easier to make inroads into the body and overpower the cells. Okra contains various antioxidants and vitamin C which help give a boost to your immune system. So, you tend to get affected by infections and ailments less. It is among major Health Benefits of Okra.

Cardiac Health Boost:

If you want to ensure cardiovascular health is not compromised, start eating Okra. It has key minerals that are required by the human body and play a key role in maintaining cardiac health. Potassium in okra is a mineral that ensures proper flow of blood to and from the heart in the human body.

Weight Loss Aid:

The Health Benefits of Okra include an aid to lose excess weight. Okra is a low calorie vegetable and it does not contain cholesterol or fat. The low calorie quotient in Okra helps you control daily calorie intake. This is particularly good when you want to lose weight and eat low calorie meals. For example, 100 grams of Okra contain just 30 calories.

Okra, Weight loss aid

Good for Pregnancy:

Pregnant women should include okra in their diet. This is because the pod shaped vegetable comes with a good amount of folate. Folate is required for healthy fetus development and lack of folate may lead to birth defects.

Kidney Health:

Studies have shown eating Okra on a regular basis can boost kidney health and also helps prevent kidney ailments in both genders.

Benefits of Okra for Diabetes Afflicted Lot

Possibly the biggest advantage of eating Okra is its properties to fight diabetes. This is one ailment that facets millions of women and men, across various age groups, worldwide. A number of studies conducted in various countries indicate the benefits of using lady finger for diabetes treatment. Though these studies were mostly carried out on lab rodents, the results were quite encouraging. So, eating okra in numerous ways is thought to be advantageous for those with diabetes or having a family history of the ailment.

Okra water cure for diabetes is what a lot of people believe in. If you do not like the taste of Okra yet want to obtain health benefits offered by it, Okra water is a solution. The okra pods can be soaked overnight in water and in the morning you can drink this. The Okra nutritional values are found in this water. You may soak Okras whole or cut them into small chunks before soaking in water.

Ways to Prepare Okra and Consume It

Health benefits of lady fingers

There are so many ways to cook and eat Okra. If you avoid deep frying or boiling for a long time, you can be assured of getting major Health Benefits of Okra. Some people boil okra in water with salt and eat them in boiled form. Okra stir-fry with other vegetables also tastes delicious. You can also use this vegetable in soups of various types with other vegetables. Preparing some fish and meat dishes with Okra is a good idea too. Of course, you can find a lot of Okra recipes on the web if you are unsure about ways to cook it. In some countries, people make pickles with Okra. Okra pods can be dried and then ground. You can use this powder as a thickening agent in curries and soups.

Things to Keep in Mind

You may use Okra for Kidney trouble and obtain other health benefits for sure. However, a few things have to be kept in mind.

First of all, you should buy fresh and green okras to get optimum Health Benefits of Okra. Okra pods that are hard to bend and look yellowish should be evaded. It is best if you can find organic okra. They should not be stored for a long time in the refrigerator and before cooking, ensure you wash the okras in a water well. This is necessary to wash away traces of pesticides in the pods.

While it is not common, some people may be allergic to okra. Symptoms of okra allergy include sneezing, nasal congestion, swelling of mouth, etc. In such cases, you should avoid eating the vegetable.

Summing it All Up

The Health Benefits of Okra is undeniable and the vegetable can be prepared for consumption in numerous methods. You may use it with other vegetables and animal meats. However, it is prudent to talk with a doctor before you start taking Okra tea for diabetes. This is more relevant when you have already taken medications to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. can help you to find the Top Diabetologists in Hyderabad and from across India.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad