Top Four Herbal Remedies Of Our Life Time

Top Four Herbal Remedies Of Our Life Time

Herbal Remedies of Our Life Time

Long before the birth of modern medicine, our ancestors have been using herbal remedies to treat everything from a simple cold to more serious illnesses. You might be looking for alternative remedies to just taking the prescription drugs given to you, then you can just do what they did and turn to nature for help.

If you have no idea where to start with your herbal remedy journey, check out some of the posts written at eHome Remedies. They have helpful tips for homemade remedies from skin conditions to ones that are even safe for your pets. You can also read the list below for a list of some of the most useful herbal remedies discovered in our lifetime.

1. Turmeric - You'll see a lot of this in the market. It looks like a ginger root, except that the color is more a bright orange inside. But if you do most of your shipping at the grocery, you will see this as a ground spice. Turmeric has many uses, that's why it has been used as early as 4,000 years ago. In modern times, turmeric has been found to help with pain relief, with a study reporting that it can work as well as ibuprofen. It can also help with inflammation and soothe the digestive system.

2. Ginseng - If you've talked with someone who has been into herbal remedies for a long time, they would be sure to tell you about the benefits of ginseng. Many cultures use the ginseng and consider is one of the top medicinal herbs in our lifetime. In Chinese medicine, for example, they use ginseng as an energizer, so you can take it when you are feeling weak and fatigued. Even if you are not feeling sick, you can still take ginseng as many enthusiasts say that it also helps even with thinking processes and cognition.

3. Devil's Claw - Do not be put off by the name as this herbal remedy can be very helpful, especially with those dealing with back pain and osteoarthritis. Some also use it to treat skin conditions. You can take this as a tea or you can buy it as a capsule and take it as a supplement. Researches even say that there are expectant mothers who take them to help with their childbirth.

4. Lemon Essential Oil - If you are looking for a great source of antioxidant, choose lemon essential oil. We already know that lemon detoxifies the body, and the lemon essential oil has even more benefits. Have it always on hand, and you can use it to relieve yourself of nausea. Some even use it for oral health as it can be used to treat bad breath. You can also use it to nourish your skin. It is also very helpful to those who have allergies and can even be used to help fight respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Just make sure that when you are taking herbal remedies, it would still be best to consult with a physician, especially when you are also taking other medicines because some herbs negate the effects of other medicines.