How To Avoid Influence of Weather on Your Health?

How To Avoid Influence of Weather on Your Health?

How to Avoid Influence of Weather on Your Health

Absolutely all people depend on the weather. The difference is only in the degree of external environment influence on each individual organism. The reaction to temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind force, the degree of solar activity, geomagnetic disturbances and the climate changing is quite natural. Weather affects the health of a person constantly, but, unfortunately, with age, this reaction can find pathological forms. That's why the representatives of the older generation are very sensitive to weather forecasts and are trying to track geomagnetic disturbances (some of them even learn how to read a digital barometer). Doctors, in turn, warn that you should not give in to panic, expecting sharp weather changes, it is more reasonable to prepare yourself for them.

How to Get Rid of Meteorological Dependence

Doctors say that this is possible, and in fairly simple ways.

  • Control your health. Do not ignore your illnesses, especially chronic ones, watch for arterial pressure. If you notice a small change in your body, take a survey - the early diagnosis will not allow the disease to develop into a chronic one. Also, the advanced case may lead to another problem, where you were completely healthy.
  • Train the vessels. Swimming, hardening procedures, such as a contrast shower, as well as physical exercises, especially yoga, are very good for this. If not everyone has the opportunity to go to the pool, then everyone can train themselves to do exercises in the morning, and after that take a contrast shower.

    What Else Will Help to Avoid the Influence of Weather on Your Health?

    Often Go To The Fresh Air: Walking in the morning hours, when in the air more biologically active oxygen is particularly useful. And do not say that you have no time in the morning. Not everyone goes to work on personal transport. It is quite possible to leave the public transport at least one stop earlier. Also, try to watch the condition of the air in the premises. If it is too dry, use air humidifier to make it suitable for healthy living.

    Proper Nutrition: The food should be regular at least 3 times a day. And don’t forget about healthy snacks like fruits or nuts. The doctors say that those who leave the house without breakfast are candidates for meteorological dependence. It is recommended to significantly reduce, but it is better not to eat fat, fried, spicy food. As often as possible include in your diet the following products
    Beet helps normalize blood pressure, reduces the risk of blood clots;

    • Honey, lemon, garlic improve blood circulation;
    • Pumpkin, zucchini relieve our blood vessels from "bad" cholesterol;
    • Products containing vitamins C, A, P strengthen the vascular walls, have a beneficial effect on microcirculatory processes;
    • It is also recommended to include in the diet as often as possible low-fat sea and river fish, sea cabbage, whole grains cereals.

    Refuse Bad Habits: Smoking, drinking alcohol, and caffeine abuse do not add points to your health.

    Avoid Harmful Activities: Watching TV all night, or playing stressful video games for a very long time won’t give any profit to your body and brain. Try to find something more peaceful and calm, what can bring the rest to your mind. The easiest example is reading the book. If it seems boring to you, it can be any hobby related to handworks like knitting or modeling.

    Watch Your Weight: Excess weight affects the cardiovascular system (hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus are concomitant diseases with obesity). Excess weight reduces immunity, negatively affects the health of the spine - all these problems affect meteorological dependence.

    Healthy Sleep: It is one of the most essential points. But many people neglect the time and condition of sleeping, what leads to the headache problems. Take your time to find the best pillow and mattress, which will suit you well, after which you won’t have any pain in any part of your body. Also, you should control to go to bed at the right time to have enough time for sleeping.

    Massage courses, soothing coniferous baths, sanatorium treatment, high-grade rest, the healthy psychological atmosphere at home help you get rid of meteorological dependence. According to the doctors, if you comply with all these rules, then your body will eventually accept the statement that nature has no bad weather.

    Reviewed By:

    Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

    Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad