Natural Ways to Get Rid of Herpes Symptoms

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Herpes Symptoms

how to reduce herpes symptoms naturally

The thing with herpes is that not every person who has the virus actually experiences the outbreaks of the cold sores. It really depends on the person when it comes to how long will the outbreak last, how severe it is and how contagious is someone after the infection. Find out more about herpes supplements here. If you want to avoid the frequent outbreaks, then you need to improve your immune system by giving it nutrients. The next foods are perfect for you and they help in keeping the virus dormant.

Foods To Getting Rid of Herpes Symptoms Naturally

Foods Which Are Rich in l-Lysine

l-lysin is an amino acid that can help in preventing the duplication of this virus. You can eat fish, turkey, legumes, vegetables and chicken.

Red and Orange Vegetables

They have antioxidants (like carotenoids, vitamin C and bioflavonoids). They help the skin to heal and recover and will raise your immunity.

Fish That’s Wild Caught

Fish is the one that gives you the crucial omega-3 fatty acids, which help you in healing the tissue and the inflammation.

Lean Proteins

As a rule, the body is not strong enough to heal without proteins. You need to eat at least 5 ounces of proteins every meal. Food that’s naturally raised, organic are the best,  try wild-caught fish and grass-fed beef.


You need zinc for your body, so it could rebuild the skin and protect your organism from other viruses. Zinc is helpful for the treatment of cold sores, as well as prolonging remissions when it comes to herpes. To get zinc, you need to eat more proteins, such as organs (liver), seeds of pumpkin, vegetables (spinach) and grass-fed beef.

There Are Some Foods That Are a No Go

There are some foods that can increase the inflammation and even make your immune system weaker. Let’s not even mention the skin irritation. You need to avoid the next foods for you to be better and to limit the outbreaks.

Too Much Sugar

Your immune function can be overwhelmed by too much sugar and the inflammation can get worse. You find it in bottled drinks, flavoured products, such as yoghurt, snacks, granola bars and some cereals.


Alcohol, if in high amounts, can overwhelm the immune function and can bring up symptoms like aches, tiredness and skin inflammation. It’s even worse if you combine it with tobacco.

Packaged Food

Many of the packaged, processed food has GMOs, of genetically modified ingredients, that can harm your immune function. They sometimes cause allergies and can make your inflammation worse.

Acidic Foods

These ones will irritate your cold sores and the pain and burning will increase. You need to stop eating tomatoes, vinegar, oranges and, generally, citrus fruits, especially when you have an active outbreak.