The Importance Of COVID-19 Vaccine Explained

The Importance Of COVID-19 Vaccine Explained

Importance Of Covid-19 Vaccine

What Is The COVID-19 Vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccine is the protection that is produced to fight against the coronavirus. The Importance of the COVID-19 vaccine is mandatory for everyone to know and understand. As it’s a world pandemic and is of great difficulty to get an equal hand on effective vaccination and hence "WHO" along with some other partners is putting so much effort into getting the best vaccines to the reach of every individual.

Although vaccination is a big game-changer, it is a must to continue wearing masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands, hygiene surroundings, etc. If you’re vaccinated then it doesn’t have to mean that you can throw away the precautionary measures taken so far and enjoy it without any basic cautious measurements. This not only leaves you in danger but also puts the people around you at severe risk as till different research studies are going on how much vaccines can protect us against the virus infection and further transmission.

Why Is It Important To Get COVID-19 Vaccination?

You must take a shot to be on the safe side. Even though we’re unaware of how successful vaccines are in keeping the virus away as researches are still going on the same. But in many cases, the importance of COVID-19 vaccine is observed that getting vaccinated stands high chances of reduced infection risk. Complete vaccination decreases the risk of being hospitalized and as well decreases the immortality chances.

There is no other way out apart from getting vaccinated to be back to our normal life. Some safety measures like wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding public gatherings, washing hands, etc. to avoid or at least slow down the further spread of the virus. Following the safety measure in parallel to getting vaccinated should continue until the virus spread is almost completely nullified and as well most part of the citizens gets immunized, importantly the vulnerable section.

Which Is Better: Covaxin or Covishield?

Covaxin is an Indian developed vaccine made by a Hyderabad company named Bharat Biotech International Ltd with ICMR and NIV association.

On the other hand, Covishield is developed by AstraZeneca and SII is the manufacturer of the vaccine.

Covaxin is developed with the Vero cell-derived technology inactivated by a whole-virion. The inactivated virus causes no infection in the vaccinated person but will make the immune system prepared to create a defense mechanism (generate antibodies to work against the virus).

Covaxin falls under the conventional vaccines like those given for seasonal influenza, rabies, Pertussis, Polio, Japanese encephalitis, etc., which are few examples of conventional vaccinated diseases.

Unlike Covaxin, Covishield is made under a different technology known as the Viral vector platform. Where, a chimpanzee adenovirus, chAdOx1, is modified so as to enable the COVID spike protein in the vaccinated body. This vaccine doesn't have the capability to infect the vaccinated individual but has the ability to train the immune system to build immunity against the virus.

Both Covaxin and Covishield have been performing satisfactorily since their use in India. However, studies show that Covishield's effectiveness is around 90%, whereas Covaxin effectiveness is 81%.

Tallying The Differences Between Covaxin And Covishield

The time between the 2 doses is 12-16 weeks
The gap between the 1st and 2nd dose is 4-6 weeks
Efficiency post complete vaccination (both doses) can vary between 70-90%
Covaxin is 78-95% effective post-second dose
This vaccine is for all individuals above 18 years
Covaxin is also for everyone above 18

What Happens If The Second Vaccination Has Been Delayed?

  • A complete vaccination always is perfect for showing good results. However, experts are saying that a delay of a few days or a few weeks wouldn’t be something so much to worry about.
  • On the other hand, doctors also suggest being sure of getting the follow-up dose within 6 weeks from the day the 1st dose is taken.
  • They also stress the importance of getting a second dose for sure due to the rise of new COVID strains.

Benefits Of Getting Vaccinated

There are various benefits of getting vaccinated. Few of which are listed here;

  • Individuals who got vaccinated can get on with their pre-pandemic lifestyle to a large extent.
  • One can resume various activities as before pandemic without wearing a mask but maintaining the social distance so as to avoid being a transporter of the virus, except where the government has imposed laws and rules to use the mask.
  • Vaccination builds a good immune system against illness.
  • Getting vaccinated also helps your near and dear ones as you won’t be a source of infection and thus you won’t spread the infection.
  • Some recent studies on the COVID vaccine and pregnant women and feeding moms are also saying that vaccination helps their unborn or newly born by passing on the antibodies to fight against the virus.
  • Vaccination helps in preventing situations from getting worse.
  • Vaccination, at least for now, is the only way to ditch those masks and lead a normal life.

The importance of COVID-19 vaccination is yet to be fully understood. With that all said, however, the long-term benefits and even some short-term benefits are yet to be observed and confirmed.

Side Effects Of Vaccinations

Vaccination is the only solution at least for now to avoid or to some extent slow down the coronavirus. Some side effects will mostly be there in any type of vaccination which is a sign that the body is building the protection system. Sometimes, these side effects may affect your daily lifestyle and you may not even be able to do your daily house chores. Yet, these side effects are observed to go away in most cases. It is also important to mention that some people show no side effects at all.

A few of the side effects are;

  • Swelling/redness/pain on the arm where the shot is given.
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle pains
  • Nausea etc.

The pain can be reduced by keeping a clean, wet cloth or by exercising the arm. Fever can be controlled at least to some extent by drinking plenty of fluids.

Even post-vaccination, some precautions are must like maintaining social distance, washing hands regularly, using a face mask, having healthy and hygienic food, and avoiding traveling to the most possible.

COVID vaccine in India is going on a good scale and maintaining the safety measures along with full vaccination can help get down the COVID situation to normal in the country.


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