Is It Safe To Socialize After Getting Covid Vaccine?

Is It Safe To Socialize After Getting Covid Vaccine?

Is It Safe To Socialize After Covid Vaccine?

It’s been around a year and a half or even more that everyone is cooped up in their homes and are awaiting chances or to get out and explore. Of course, we might be going out with a mask, practicing social distance, and regularly washing hands but all that so far is to fulfill our needs. Meeting extended family, friends, etc, is all restricted. So, now, vaccination is the only weapon against coronavirus. With that said, now those who have got vaccinated are in the thoughts of changing back to their pre-COVID lifestyle, like meeting family, gathering with friends, etc. With that said now the point of concern is, is it safe to socialize after the COVID vaccine?

Before talking about this, let's first walk through the COVID vaccination;

Coronavirus Vaccination

While following the COVID protocols, it’s a must to be vaccinated at the earliest to avoid further spread and also to reduce the impact of the virus. COVAXIN and Covishield are the 2 vaccines currently used in India against COVID. There are other vaccines too like Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen vaccines, Sputnik, etc. Like never before, there are around 170 different vaccines that are now in trial.

As the COVID vaccines are something that is developed and being administered recently, it is too early to conclude decisions about the protection offered by the vaccine, how long will the vaccine protection last, chances of infection, and many others as such. Further research on the performance of these vaccines is still going on and various performance factors are yet to be confirmed officially.

When Is Someone Considered Fully Vaccinated?

The count of doses required to be fully vaccinated is based on the vaccine used. Here is the list of currently approved vaccines and the number of doses for each vaccine needed.

S.NoVaccineNumber of DosesInterval Between Doses
1.Covaxin228 days
2.Covishield26-8 weeks (raised to 12-16 weeks)
3.Pfizer23 weeks
4.Maderna23 weeks
5.Johnson & Johnson1-

It’s better to get the 2nd dose on the prescribed time period or close to it. Never get the 2nd dose before the prescribed time interval.

You have to follow the safety COVID precautions completely even after the 2nd dose or 1st dose (whichever is the last dose) for 2 weeks. It is then that you’re called completely vaccinated. However, even after this time period you better follow the safety tips. After getting vaccinated, individuals are supposed to follow certain steps;

  • Wait for 15 to 30 minutes at the vaccination center post-vaccination to observe if there are any quick side reactions that the health care workers need to look after like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, allergies, etc.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids after being vaccinated.
  • Stay away from smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Relax your arm post-vaccination. Use a wet or cool cloth at the vaccinated part.
  • There may be some minor side effects like headache, fatigue, body pains, joint pains, muscle pains, mild fever, mild chills, and pain at the vaccinated area for few individuals, and these are observed to go away in a day or 2. Take Paracetamol or Dolo 650 as suggested by your healthcare worker.
  • Prefer wearing light clothes.
  • These symptoms may appear even after the 2nd dose too.
  • As it takes around 2 weeks for the antibodies to fully develop, don’t relax on the safety measures.
  • Other vaccines to be taken should be taken only after a gap of at least 2 weeks of COVID vaccination.

If you think about 'is it safe to socialize after the COVID vaccine', we would suggest NO. Limit to meet only if necessary and also prefer outdoor meets as that way the other family will not be exposed to you and vice versa.

What Happens When A Person Is Fully Vaccinated?

Once you’re fully vaccinated then you can resume your activities as prior to the pandemic. Although many say (as seen in some other countries like the USA) that you can move in private places without a mask and without maintaining social distance, we still suggest following the guidelines. Because we still didn't get complete knowledge about the vaccine and its performance.

Practice a healthy lifestyle like daily exercise or yoga for some time; consume healthy food; wash hands regularly; keep surroundings clean; etc.

Is It Safe To Socialize After The Covid Vaccine?

After fully vaccinating, you can socialize only to some extent like you can meet your family and friends but not gather with many. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines. Fully vaccinated doesn’t mean highly immune to COVID-19.

If you’re of the doubt ‘Can a vaccinated person spread COVID’. There are possibilities for a vaccinated person to be a host or transmitter of the disease.

So even after vaccination, follow the guidelines as vaccination is the best protection for now, and until we understand the performance completely, we can’t conclude anything.

Stay Safe and prevent further spread of Coronavirus.


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