Reasons why Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat

Reasons why Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat

Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat

The secret to longer life have eluded the mass for centuries and people resort to many methods to enjoy longer life. Of course, advancements in spheres of medical science have helped increase average lifespan in many countries. The longer life and age defying looks of Japanese women make others wonder about the secret behind. Is it only about genetic traits? A little analysis reveals the secret lies in their dietary and lifestyle habits. Japanese people, including women eat foods that are locally produced, are not processed and contain loads of nutrients. They make it a point to eat plenty of rice, sea fish and seaweeds in their meals. These foods are equipped with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. They refrain from eating many desserts and avoid in taking packed junk foods at all. Besides, their habits like cycling and walking a lot help them burn calorie and stay slim and fit even in old years.

With time and owing to the developments made in the field of medical science, average life expectancy of humans has shot up significantly. However, life expectancy still varies from one region to another and factors like ethnicity and genetics play a role behind it. It has been found that women in Japan live longer than their counterparts in European countries and the USA. This has come more into public awareness after publication of the book, Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat. It is written by Naomi Moriyama. The average lifespan of Japanese women is 86.4 years. While the saying that Japanese Women don’t get old or fat is true, you should know what the reasons behind it are.

The Reasons Behind Long Life and Robust Health of Japanese Women

You may be tempted to think that it is for genetic reasons that Japanese women live longer than women hailing from other nations. While this can be partially true, genetics is not the sole factor responsible for their longer life span. Their diet and eating habits are mostly responsible for this feat. It is not only about what they eat, but also about how they eat and what lifestyle habits they adhere to. Below listed are the details about the factors that contribute to longer life and solid health of women in Japan.

Types of Foods They Eat:

To understand why Japanese Women don’t get old or fat, you need to analyze their dietary habits. Their diet comprises mostly of fish, vegetables, seaweeds, rice, soy, fruits and green tea. They eat more sea fish varieties than women from other countries, as it is. On an average, a Japanese person eats 150 pounds of fish per year. Seaweeds are loaded with minerals and sea fish species is known for their quotient of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The latter offers various health benefits and also helps fight signs of ageing on skin. It also reduces risk of heart ailments. So, this explains how and why Japanese Women don’t get old or fat.

Eating Fresh Food:

The western cultures of relying on packaged and ready to cook dishes have not affected Japanese households yet! Japanese people believe in the theory of eating fresh food and they stick to it even today. From local farm grown vegetables to fish procured from nearby sea or river, there is no place for frozen and preservative laden food stuffs in their kitchen. They also do not gorge on chips and cookies, unlike US families. The Japanese also believe in eating seasonal produce.

Eating in Small Portions:

It is not about the things you eat, how much you eat also matters in the long run. If you visit a Japanese household, you will see they do not use large sized plates much. This is also related with longer lifespan of Japanese women. Eating in small portions ensures you cannot intake, excess calories. They do not fill up plates totally and do not serve any dish in large amounts. This explains why Japanese Women don’t get old or fat.

Lightly Cooked Dishes:

The culinary tradition is also linked to health and longevity in various human races. Japanese women cook and consume dishes that are lightly cooked and mildly spiced. They usually resort to age old cooking techniques like steaming, sautéing and stir frying. You will not see them resorting to deep frying or using excessive spices and oils in their dishes. They also cook foods in oils that are not harmful to the heart. This in turn helps preserve most nutrients in foods and keep them low in calorie values.

Rice Over Flour:

Yes, there is no denying that Japanese people are voracious rice eaters. They eat rice various times in a day. This ensures they stay away from the woes of eating refined flour and related stuffs. This ensures they do not intake extra calories with each meal as well.

Focus on Healthy Eating:

In all meals of the day, Japanese people include healthy and nutrient rich food items. They eat a healthy breakfast and their breakfast includes steamed rice, green tea, miso soup with tofu, egg omelet, baked fish and seaweed boiled or stir fried. They do not take packed cereals and breakfast at all. The Healthy dieting plan ensures they stay fitter and healthier than others.

They also ensure sweet dishes are eaten within limits. They also eat desserts less frequently and in small amounts compared to people from other countries. Japanese are always mindful about the harm caused by such alluring foods when eaten in excess amounts. This is another reason why Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat easily.

Active Lifestyle:

It is not only by eating healthy foods Japanese people stay slim and live longer than others! Compared to westerners, Japanese people resort to more physical exercises. This is not only about hitting the gym, but they cycle a lot and also resort to swimming to stay fit.

Points to Think About

There is no doubt the lifestyle and diet habits of Japanese people deserve applauds. However, you need to think about a few aspects before you try switching to such diets. It is regarded as the Best anti-aging diet but there could be a few caveats.

  • Eating rice in meals is fine, but there is not much you can gain from eating polished white rice strains. Eating brown rice is best for health.
  • While eating seaweeds can give you many health benefits, you should watch the amount. These undersea vegetables are rich in sodium and iodine. Both minerals are needed by the human body, but excess intake can lead to adverse effects.

Summing it All Up

So, it is not tedious to figure out why and how Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat that much compared to women from other countries. It is mostly about adopting healthier eating and including foods with immense nutritional values. Of course, sticking to active lifestyle habits also help. Consult Best Dietitians in Hyderabad or Dietetics Hospitals in Hyderabad to get the right dieting tips.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad