Sneaky Ways Your Job That Making You Fat

Sneaky Ways Your Job That Making You Fat

Jobs that make you fat

Getting fat is something millions of men and women hate, but cannot evade. You may gain excess weight owing to so many factors and some of them are actually beyond control. If it is in your genes, there is not much you can do about it. However, people also become obese owing to factors like food habits and lifestyle. However, at times, you may be patiently oblivious to the root source of obesity. Like several thousand working professionals you may be unaware that it is actually the job you are in that is pivotal behind getting overweight. If you analyze, it is not difficult to figure out the ways that Jobs make you fat.

Reasons Why Your Job is Contributing Behind Your Obesity

Below listed are the ways your job is playing a role behind your weight gain.


Job stress and Jobs that make you fat

It is quite tedious to find a job that has no stress nowadays. However, the level of stress keeps varying from one sector to another. It also depends on various factors like designations, cooperativeness of colleagues, workload and related issues. Job stress can actually make you fat without you even realizing it. Stressed people fare poorly in fat burning compared to those who are not stressed. When you are stressed at work, the best possible solution that comes to your mind is gorging on comfort foods. So, as a stressed professional you tend to eat more junk or spicy foods than you would normally otherwise.

To cope with job stress and Jobs that make you fat, think of resorting to other measures than gorging on foods that boost your mood, albeit temporarily. You may meditate if possible or read some relaxing stories to calm down the tension. Taking a small walk outside in greenery can soothe the mind too.

Desk Jobs:

Desk Jobs that make you fat

A lot of working men and women have to spend long hours in cubicles, sitting in front of computers. It not only leads to bone and muscle related problems, but your calorie burning process goes for a toss too. At times, you end up delaying periods of staying without food and end up gobbling excess food that can also pave the way to getting overweight. It may not be possible to change your job but you can try and avoid sitting at same posture for a long time every day! Take small work breaks when possible or resort to Exercise at a desk job when workload is less. You may also walk down and upstairs in spare time at the workplace for some calorie burning.

Late Nights at Work:

Late nights at work that make you fat

In some jobs, you may sound up late hours at the office too frequently. It not only affects your conjugal life, but may make you obese. When you spend some more hours after an evening in the office, invariably you return home late. Then everything goes haywire, including dinner and watching TV afterwards! However, the sad thing is your biological clock gets disrupted and you have trouble in getting proper sleep. If this goes on, you may end up burning fewer calories and weight gain would be the end result. So these are the kinds of Jobs that make you fat. If such times cannot be avoided at all in the job, do look for greener pastures!

Peer Pressure:

Yes, peer pressure is not really limited to the schools. When you spend a lot of time with your favorite co-workers, it is natural that their food habits may influence you. When everyone in the group is ordering a tasty and lucrative burger, staying content with tofu sandwich and green tea may be hard for you. Sometimes, you have to be a little strict about eating habits, even at the workplace, if the evading excess flab is on your agenda. A few of them may laugh at you initially, but you have to overlook these. In the long term, you would be the gainer.

Vending Machines and Coffee Breaks:

Vending machines and coffee breaks

Ironically, a lot of working professionals think these two are bliss for them amidst workload, stress and deadline. The coffee machine at your office canteen may be equipped with goodies like cream and sugar. You may limit your cups for a day or take less sugar. The vending machines are used for cookies and crackers which are filled with calories. On days, when you face hunger pang at the workplace, do not rush to the vending machine for a solution. Make it a habit to carry dry fruits and such healthy snacks to the workplace. Keep them in a box in your cubicle to survive those hunger pangs. These are examples of Jobs that make you fat.

Office Parties:

It is quite difficult for most working professionals to avoid office parties. It is not only about maintaining professional etiquette. These parties, including those thrown at the end of the year or company foundation day, serve as stress busters. Then management level employees treat everyone on birthdays or anniversaries. Eventually, in all such parties, you end up overeating and gorging on all calorie heavy foods and drinks. To cope with the parties at the workplace, you have to act wisely. In most such parties, a buffet is arranged for dinners. You can have control on how much portion of dishes you eat. Resist the temptation to gobble on a huge amount of turkey or several bowls of ice creams for example. If possible, skip drinking alcoholic beverages. You may also have some healthy appetizers before the party to avoid ending up gorging on all foods alluring you.

Summing it All Up

So, it is not so difficult to understand Jobs that make you fat and what can be done about them. You need not always change your existing job to evade those excess layers of flab. However, it is not impossible to make some schedule and lifestyle changes to see the benefits. Of course, you need to make changes in your diet to some extent. It also helps if you resort to some useful exercises to lose weight at work.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad