3 Most Common Causes of Stress

3 Most Common Causes of Stress


Medical science has admitted to the effects that stress can have on our physical health. For example, studies have shown that stress plays a major role in certain heart conditions such as stroke and cardiac arrest, perhaps a larger role than even diet or other aspects of lifestyle like having regular exercise. But how does one find the major causes of stress in his life if it seems that everything already feels very stressful? There are actually root causes of stress that can be identified in nearly every individual.

1. Fear

The first common cause of stress is fear. Experts believe that babies are born with only two fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. So where did adults get all the hundreds of fears that they have? Of course, the type of fear that really induces stress is not necessarily phobic fears, such as fear of the dark or claustrophobia. Because these would only happen when the trigger is present. Much more dangerous is the fear of intangible things, such as the fear of failure, fear of not having enough, and fear of an uncertain future.

These things can eat up inside of you because they can accompany you everywhere, even as you are trying to fall asleep. If they succeed in causing you to worry so as to suffer insomnia, your stress issues will only be compounded! As such it is important to deal with these fears that you may already know intellectually as unreasonable. Many people have found relief from them by entrusting their lives to a Divine Being who loves them enough to give Himself for them.

2. Condemnation

Another common cause of stress is condemnation. Even if you do not consider yourself highly conscientious, there will always be certain areas in your life that you feel you have failed, whether by your own standards or on other people's standards. Or perhaps, you may wind up hurting other people and feel bad about it. This feeling of guilt is very difficult, if not impossible, to shake off unless you feel that it has been paid for.

It is inherent in every human heart to know that every wrongdoing deserves punishment, and until you accept that it has been paid somehow, you will unconsciously demand punishment for yourself, whether by believing you deserve bad things to happen to you, or actually doing those bad things to yourself, such as ruining relationships or even afflicting personal harm to yourself. This is, in large part, a reason why many people resort to slashing. Many people are set free from this harmful cycle when they believe that the Supreme Being in charge of everything already paid the price by being cursed in your place.

3. Unnecessary Demands

A third lesser known root cause of stress is placing unnecessary demands on oneself. When the pressure comes from outside forces, such as work deadlines, peer pressure, family problems and other things, they may be easy to pinpoint. But if you are the one unconsciously putting undue pressure on yourself, it may not be as easy to identify. For example, you might have certain goals for yourself that are really unrealistic. When you fail to meet them, you may wind up beating yourself up over it. These goals can be achievement-based or perhaps behavior-based, such as not getting angry at your toddler son. When you blow it, you wind up feeling like you are not a good parent. This will also lead you down to the condemnation road, which you will also need to deal with. Even if it doesn't lead you to condemn yourself, constantly putting demands on yourself will result in a very stressed life; as such you need to learn to loosen up and just enjoy life. These major causes of stress may not be the conventional ones you hear about in science class, but once you pinpoint them, you will understand that a lot of the main stressful factors in your life are actually related to them! At least now you will have some idea how to deal with them and get to enjoy more of your days without the unnecessary stress, and you will see yourself becoming healthier too!

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad