Putting your best foot forward: Tips for foot and ankle care

Putting your best foot forward: Tips for foot and ankle care

Our face is the first thing we take care of, and then we move on to our hands and body. There is perhaps little or no foot care cream on your vanity. That is how I was too.

But let me tell you, there’s this friend of mine, her mother says, and I quote, “you can know a lot about a person by looking at their feet.” That’s when I ordered a few foot care creams, and would recommend you to do the same if you haven’t started yet.

Why should you take care of your feet and ankles?

Because they are yours and still a part of your body if you haven't had them removed or whatever.

Jokes apart, your foot and ankle are the reason you’ve ran down the street to get your mother groceries. They’re the reason you walk every day and are able to go to school, parties, and whatnot.

Not taking care of them would be like being unthankful for what you have, and have you heard of the saying, “thank god for what you have, before god makes you thank what you had.”

If you need inspiration, google ‘paralyzed people,’ you will then take care of your feet and ankles with utmost care and sincerity.

Tips for proper care of your feet and ankles

Your legs carry the weight of your body and deserve to be treated well. However, if you haven’t treated your feet with the care they need and have developed any foot or ankle problems, there are podiatrists out there to take exclusive care of your foot. Cutting Edge Foot and Ankle Clinic is one of the best-reviewed and most recommended clinics for foot or ankle problems.

Below are the tips you can use to take proper care of your foot or ankle

  • Wash your feet regularly, including the area between the fingers and toes.
  • Analyze your feet on a regular basis to see if you’ve missed out on any bruises or scratches.
  • Know your size and check your comfort level so that your feet can breathe.
  • Keep the nails of your feet clean and cut. Avoid cutting your nails around the corners, as it may become a cause for ingrown toenails. Use a nail file to smooth the edge of your nails.
  • Make exercise a habit. It helps in keeping your weight balanced and keeps your feet healthy.
  • Moisturize daily; make sure not to put the moisturizer in between your toes as it causes fungal infections.
  • Allow your shoes to dry after every use to avoid infections and odor issues.
  • Avoid walking barefoot even when you’re at home to avoid injury or infections.
  • Use sunscreen while wearing sandals; it protects your feet from sunburn.
  • Use clean footwear, and keep alternate shoes and socks to allow one pair to dry properly.
  • Pay a visit to a podiatric physician once in a while, it keeps you aware of your foot health.
  • Avoid sharing your footwear at all costs, it can be infectious.

More foot care tips

Additionally, you can maintain a habit of exercising daily. Normal ankle exercises like wiggling your toes, rotating your feet near the ankles, or simply pulling your toes backward and forwards with your hands.

Maintain your weight, as the feet are the foundation of your body. Being overweight has direct effects on your legs and can cause knee or back pain.

Some people buy shoes just by looking at them, it’s important for your feet to breathe and for that you need to wear comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes as in, they should have soles that can bear your weight and absorb the force of your heels when they hit the ground.

If you’re diabetic, you need to take special care of your feet. Diabetes tends to damage the nerve, and you seem to miss out on minor injuries or cuts. If you’ve any, you must make sure to get it treated right away, it may cause discomfort in the long run. Wound healing in a diabetic person takes more time than it takes for non-diabetic ones. It is recommended to always wear proper footwear to avoid being injured.

Follow a routine for your feet and ankles just like you do for your other body parts. Changing your socks, keeping your feet dry, wearing comfortable shoes, going for a walk, performing foot ankles, even the basic ones will do, are all basic procedures that you should follow every day to avoid any kind of issues in the long run.

Some of us soak our feet in warm water and salt. It makes your feet relaxed after you’ve had long walks or sat in the same position at your workplace. However, if you’ve cut or cracked skin or an open foot, avoid soaking your feet in water. Even if you do, see to it that you do not keep it for more than ten to fifteen minutes.

Go for a pedicure session once in a while, it thoroughly cleanses your nails and toes, keeping your feet healthy and clean.

Also, podiatric visits once in a month or so will prove beneficial for your feet health. It will keep an eye on the health of your feet if you’ve missed out on anything important.


Although our feet do a lot for us, we often neglect them and fail to perform basic care. They need the same care as other parts of the body, in fact, we should take extra care of them as they share the load of our whole body.

Keep your feet and ankle clean for your own good, and visit a podiatric if you haven’t been able to do so.