7 Valid Reasons for Drinking Sugarcane Juice this Summer

7 Valid Reasons for Drinking Sugarcane Juice this Summer

Benefits of drinking sugarcane juice

Summers are approaching soon and it is time that you should be ready to brace the same with full preparations. Bouts of dehydration are on the rise during this season as sweating leads to loss of fluids from the system. Along with dehydration, chances of sun strokes are also high, particularly when you work in the outdoors under the scorching sun. Keeping your body cool and duly hydrated is highly recommended during this time. And this can be achieved successfully with sugarcane juice. You might not be aware of the innumerable benefits of sugarcane juice. Read on to find the benefits in detail:

Helps in Beating Dehydration

Dehydration is quite common in the summer months and is mainly caused by high levels of humidity and summer heat. Drinking a glass of sugarcane juice will help in overcoming dehydration considerably. The ill effects of summer season can be combated excellently with sugarcane juice. Combating dehydration does not mean water replenishment only. It also means replenishing the lost electrolytes and minerals like potassium, manganese, sodium, magnesium and calcium in the body so that electrolytic balance is retained successfully.

Helps in Boosting Energy Levels Instantly

One of the most important components in sugarcane juice is glucose. And we all know that glucose acts as an instant energy booster. Along with glucose, there are other electrolytes too, which are present in sugarcane juice. When sugarcane juice is chilled and drunk, it can help in cooling the system from deep within in the scorching summer months. You will feel the boost in energy levels soon after drinking sugarcane juice.

It is an Excellent Antioxidant

Antioxidants help in preventing and reducing free radicals in the body, which cause various kinds of damages to the body. Research reports have proved that sugarcane juice abounds in antioxidants. Along with dealing with stubborn free radicals, sugarcane juice also helps in reducing the production of an iron complex and stops lipid peroxidation. Through this process, various organs of the body face deterioration and damages. Drink sugarcane juice to combat these damages successfully.

Is Excellent for Patients Suffering from Diabetes

General people have an idea that sugarcane juice can prove to be detrimental for diabetic patients as it is rich source of glucose. Though the juice contains glucose, but glycaemic index of the same is much lower than that of instant sugar. Hence, sugarcane juice can be easily consumed by diabetic patients. Required amount of sugar is obtained by the body with this great juice. Diabetic people mainly crave for something sweet. Offer them a glass of sugarcane juice. Satisfy the craving while benefitting the body.

Combats Urinary Tract Infections and Improves Kidney Functions

For optimal functioning of the kidney, having the right amounts of proteins in the diet is recommended. It is interesting to find that sugarcane juice abounds in such proteins so that the kidneys can function in the best manner. The nature of sugarcane juice is alkaline and it is also a great antibiotic agent. The intensity of burning sensation and pain that one feels during urinary tract infections can also be reduced with drinking sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice can be drunk directly or it can be diluted with coconut water or plain water.

It is an Excellent Digestive Agent

For proper digestion, the body needs abundant amounts of potassium. And sugarcane juice has great amounts of potassium helping in the digestion process. Along with being a digestive agent, potassium also acts as an antimicrobial agent. This offers protection to the stomach from various kinds of infections. The process of peristalsis (movement of the food through the stomach) is improved significantly with sugarcane juice consumption.

Helps in Keeping the Liver Healthy and Strong

Patients suffering from jaundice are often given sugarcane juice. This is done as this ingredient helps in keeping bilirubin levels in the body under check. Along with this, sugarcane juice has shown to have great protective effect on the liver. Liver is protected from damage with sugarcane juice and it also acts as a palliative to damaged liver. Include a glass of sugarcane juice in your daily diet if you want to keep your liver in good condition for long.

The sugar that is present in sugarcane juice is absolutely natural. But after all it is sugar only. Therefore it is always recommended to drink sugarcane juice in moderation so that the best benefits from the same can be reaped in the best manner. Try extracting fresh juice from sugarcane and consume it for best results.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad