Tips to Getting Good Sleep During Summer Nights Without Air Conditioner

Tips to Getting Good Sleep During Summer Nights Without Air Conditioner

Tips to survive hot summer nights without ac

Summers bring with them their share of woes and one of them is not getting proper sleep during the night. Sweating in summers is a common thing. But it feels awful when the sweat is absorbed by the bed sheet and it sticks to our body. Sleep deprivation during summer months is nothing new as people keep on turning and tossing in bed but fail to close their eyes for some sleep. People who can afford air conditioners are installing them as they are becoming need of the day with passage of time.

But even if you do not have an air conditioner installed, you can cool down even in the sultry summer heat and get some good sleep. It might sound weird but it is absolutely true. Read on to find out as how you can survive the heat during the summer nights and get some sleep without air conditioner:

Concentrate On Your Pulse Areas

One of the best ways of beating the heat is by concentrating and working on pulse areas. To cool down and chill quickly, take ice packs or make arrangements for cold compresses and place them on major pulse points in the body. Such areas in the body are neck, groin, wrists, elbows, behind the knee area and the ankles. Place the ice packs on the mentioned areas for some time and feel cooling effects quickly.

Let the Freezer Do Some Work for Your Sheets

Take the sheets that you place on your bed and put them in the refrigerator or in the freezer for some time just before going to bed. Take a plastic bag and put the sheets inside the same and then place them in the refrigerator or in the freezer. This will prevent the sheets from attracting other smells from the food items present inside the refrigerator or freezer. It is true that this technique will not help in keeping you cool all night. But it can definitely bring temporary relief from the heat for some time.

Choose Cotton and No Other Material for Sheets and Other Bedding Items

If you are fond of fancy bedding item, keep them for use during the not-so hot summer months. During the sweltering summers, use only cotton sheets and cotton bedding items. Refrain from using silk, polyester or satin bed sheets during this time as they will make you feel hotter. Bed linens in light colours and made of lightweight cotton are the best choices you can make. It is because these items are breathable and allow passage of air through the materials, keeping you cool and comfortable as a result.

Creating Cross Breeze in the Room

Creating cross breeze in the room is an excellent idea for providing ventilation. Try positioning a fan across from a window. The fan will pull air from outside and mix with the air circulated by the fan and provide a cooling effect. Try placing a table fan or a standing pedestal fan by the window and see the amazing cross ventilation that takes place. The room will feel cool and comfortable and you can relax well even in the intense heat.

Take a Shower Before Hitting the Bed

During summers you might take baths umpteen numbers of times to keep body heat under control. When you are looking to get a peaceful night’s sleep during the summers, take a cold shower just before going to bed. The core body temperature is brought down with the shower. Also, the shower washes away the dripping sweat and keeps you fresh and fine. With the stickiness of the sweat removed, you are expected to get better sleep.

Get Rid of Mattress and Go Rustic

The super comfy and fluffy mattresses make you feel hotter. When the temperatures and humidity levels are high, get rid of the mattress and try sleeping on minimalist surfaces like a bamboo or straw mat. It is true that sleeping on such surfaces is not very comfortable, but they can help in beating the summer heat and help you sleep better at night. This is possible because materials like bamboo and straw do not retain heat.

Hanging a Wet Towel or Cloth by the Window

This is one of the oldest techniques of cooling a room. Place a wet cloth or towel right in front of an open window. The breeze blows through this wet cloth and makes the air cool. The temperature of the room is brought down significantly. Beware of this practice if you have children or elderly people as they have chances of getting pulmonary infections.

These are simple ways of beating the heat during summer nights.

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