Ultimate Benefits of Using A TENS Unit

Ultimate Benefits of Using A TENS Unit

Ultimate Benefits of Using A TENS Unit

The Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator is a small machine that is powered by a battery. The Tens machine has two electrodes which are connected through wires. Let me tell you how TENS machine work, the electrodes are supposed to be placed on the area where there is a pain. The machine then sends electric impulses into the body via the electrodes which help in pain reduction.

While the machine operates, the patient might feel a tingling sensation. These are nothing but the electronic impulses which block the pain signals from reaching the brain or the spinal cord, in turn reducing the sensation of pain.

Uses of Tens

Tens can cure pains, from any conditions. People experiencing chronic pain can find instant relief by using the TENS machine. Radiating, spasms or other kinds of pains can be cured using this machine. There are many reasons why the TENS machine can be widely trusted and is better than other treatments. Some of them are listed below.

Benefits of using the TENS Machine

sis benefits of using Tens

1. Instant Reduction Of Inflammation

The use of TENS in the local area of pain widens the blood vessels there. This increases the blood flow in that region, fastening the process of healing. Inflammation is the defense of the body reacting to physical injury; however, it can cause irritation and pain. Reduction of pain immediately follows the reduction of inflammation which the TENS machine does efficiently.

2. Natural Ways For Pain Relief

Most of the pharmaceutical drugs that are used for pain inevitably have side effects. Some of them might be long-lasting and further lead to other complications. Most of us are unaware of the negative sides of a lot of drugs. Unlike them, the TENS unit is completely natural and safe to use. There are no serious side effects when used responsibly and under supervision.

3. Portability And Easy Use

TENS machine does not take up a lot of space. It is a tiny device which can be carried easily. No matter where you go, you need not to worry about whether you will be able to reduce pains as your TENS machine will always be with you. It is also very simple to use. There is no complex mechanism that needs to be understood to use TENS. It has simple buttons and can be operated without any outside help.

4. Used For Relaxation

The machine does not only serve medical purposes. The TENS machine is useful for all, regardless of whether there is a medical problem or not. There are a lot of people who have knots in different parts of their body because of their hectic life.

For such people who do not have the time to go to a spa to get the knots removed, TENS does the job instantly. TENS acts as a massager and helps in relaxation of a particular place. For those who want to pamper themselves with a trip to the massage parlour but do not have the time, TENS is the perfect solution.

5. Can Be Used For Multiple Conditions

The TENS machine acts as a common treatment for a lot of problems. Instead of taking different kinds of medication that will affect your body, it is best to stick to one single therapy which is TENS. It reduces pain regardless of whether its source is internal or external, helping us avoid the use of drugs.

6. Affordability

We are willing to pay any price necessary as long as we get relief from pain. However, many of us spend large sums of money on futile treatments that show no results. TENS is not only affordable but promises a speedy recovery. The affordability of this machine makes it available for everyone to buy and use. There is no need to go to a doctor to get a prescription to buy one of these machines. It can be bought over-the-counter.

When to Avoid the Use of a TENS Machine

There are a few conditions where TENS is not advised completely or one has to be cautious when using it. Some of such conditions are:

  • Heart Problems: People who have any heart condition, should refrain from using TENS altogether.
  • Anyone who experiences an allergy to the gel, tape of electrodes used in the machine should not use it
  • Pregnancy: Women should not use TENS on their abdomen or pelvic region during pregnancy. It is best to avoid the machine completely during this period.
  • Patients who have a pacemaker should also not use TENS
  • One has to be cautious while using it on children and should consult the doctor beforehand
  • It should never be placed over the eyes

Overall, TENS is an easily available machine that does the same job as medical drugs without harmful side-effects to alleviate pain. The uses of this machine are being widely recognized, and it is gaining popularity among those who want an instant cure to their pain.