10 Ways To Make Yourself Happier In 30 Seconds

10 Ways To Make Yourself Happier In 30 Seconds

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Feeling happy always feels good. However, the value of happiness habits goes even deeper. As per studies conducted by psychologists, negativity is settled into our brains. Our minds are predisposed to pay more attention to bad things as contrasted to good things. This unbalance of negativity and positivity helps you survive by making you more aware of possible problems, threats, and stressors around the environment. However, noticing only negative things around can lead to missing out opportunities for joy, pleasure, humour, and good relationships.

Why is it Important to be Happy?

Experiencing and absorbing joyful moments in your mind provides long term brain benefits. Basically, happy thoughts and experiences help fresh neural circuits to grow inside the brain. These neural structures further provide inner strengths like gratitude, resilience, happiness, and enthusiasm.

However, the meaning of happiness might differ for individuals. Happiness surely makes you feel good. Above all, happiness helps to maintain better physical, mental, and emotional health.

As per studies conducted by research institutes, it has been revealed that happier people are also the healthier ones. Stress and illness are equally linked to being happy. During happiness, the positive feelings of the body influence the chemical nature of the body as well. Happiness causes improvement in cell repair as well as builds body strength while simultaneously boosting the immunity level of the body.

Ways to Make Yourself Happier – Top 10

Happiness is directly related to how you feel. However, it is just a passing mood. Trying to live happily is not related to denying negative emotions or pretending to feel joyous every moment. It is not elusive but a technique that anyone can learn

There are Certain Ways that Can Make You Feel Happy in Less Than 30 Seconds.

1. Appreciate Small Things in Your Life

This is probably the best step to change your mood from sad to happy in just a few seconds. Just think about trivial things that happened to you today. Think how your day began. You had breakfast with your family and you were happy to pursue the news towards the day’s beginning. Take a few seconds to ingest the appreciation of sentiments. Waiting on a positive ordeal introduces in your mind.

2. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing techniques are quite effective to boost your mood and make you feel better. Just one deep breath can change your “fight or flight” emotion to “rest and reestablish” emotion of the body. So, if you feel low or surrounded by negative emotions, take 30 seconds for deep breathing one after another round to uplift your mood.

3. Grin

People usually think that happiness originates from back to front, i.e. from your psyche to your conduct. This means that your conduct would be good if your psyche is good, your conduct would also be good. However, it is true vice versa. If your conduct is good, your psyche will automatically be good as happiness originates from “outside in”, from your activities to your psyche.

4. Discard Negative Emotions

Marking your feelings as “restless”, “miserable”, “vulnerable”, and “furious” can lead to misery you are feeling. So, discard all these negative tags and emotions at the earliest. This would make you happier.

Discard Negative Emotions make you happy

5. Note the Good Things in Your Life and Appreciate Them

Another way to be happy is to welcome the seemingly insignificant details. Remember, most of the doors open for a decent affair do touch base with almost no display. Just think about the various things that are good in your life. for example, you have a loving companion, you have a satisfactory job, your own house, a happy family…what else is required to be happy!

6. Sit up Straight

Well, as a matter of surprise, poor sitting postures can lead to negative enthusiastic states. Research proves that sluggish body postures lead to lower temperament, self-regard, and certainty as compared to ones with upright postures. Upright sitting postures can actually bring about positive, passionate states, like confidence, certainty, and a highly satisfied mindset.

7. Find Positivity in Negative Situations

Remember, all that happens is for good, even if it is negative. There is some positivity hidden in every negative situation. For example, you woke up late and went late for office to face your boss’s anger. But as you reach your office, you come to know that there was a severe accident on your office route. Just think, it could have been you. So, just be happy with positives in life.

8. Think About Your Life’s Goal and The People Around You

Think about your life’s goal

Remember, you have many people around who live with you and for you. Think about your family, ventures and a most loved saying. This would reestablish your feelings of qualities while enhancing joy snippets. Keep a family photograph or a picture of your loved one handy to refer whenever you feel sad.

9. Acknowledge Yourself

Don’t miss to acknowledge yourself at least once a day. Think of one thing that you have accomplished well or officially refined or any decent quality illustrated by you. It can be the initiation of a task or a telephone call or even a legit chat with a partner that ended well. Attracting your thoughtfulness with regards to your own specific qualities will surely lift your spirits.

10. Rethink Your Day’s Activities – Positive and Negative

The moment you begin to feel sad, just recall your day’s activities. Think about the positive things that happened and also imagine that things could have gone worse. For example, you didn’t have a fight with anyone or you didn’t have to deal with auto inconvenience.

Rethink your day’s activities

Besides these, there are numerous other ways that can lead to momentary satisfaction, especially during the off chance that you have been surrounded by happy individuals. For example, you can get a quick embrace or hug by your loved ones or you are capable of helping someone. Both these activities provide a blissful support. Finally, the bottom line is that think about the positives and you would automatically feel happier in no time at all.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad