When to Stop Chiropractic Treatment?

When to Stop Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is mainly for the treatment of pain which affects the lower back of most people. It is done by health care providers known as Chiropractic. They ensure treatment of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems conditions through non-surgical means. Chiropractic treatment mostly focuses on the spinal cord and areas that border it. This article will focus on when to stop chiropractic treatment.

When To Stop Chiropractic Treatment

The main aim of having chiropractic treatment which at times is also called spinal manipulation is to boost the movements of the spinal cord while improving the physical abilities of the body. It is done for the treatment of lower back pain, neck pain, and at times headaches. These are the rampant conditions that affect many people and make them seek chiropractic treatment. It reaches a point whereby an individual is forced to stop the treatment. This may be brought by such factors as;

  • If a person suffers from a herniated disk or the disk worsens more during the chiropractic treatment. The treatment should be stopped at once.
  • The lower spinal column which is known cauda equine condition or syndrome has many nerves which may get squeezed during the treatments. If this happens the treatment ought to be stopped with immediate effect.
  • If a person suffers from vertebral artery dissection which is a type of stroke while on this treatment especially for the neck pain.
  • While on the treatment and it is realized that an individual has become more susceptible to suffering from a stroke, the chiropractic treatment should be stopped immediately.
  • If a person is diagnosed to be suffering from extreme cases of osteoporosis.
  • Having unresponsiveness, tingling feeling, or losing the power of the arms or legs is a clear indication that the chiropractic treatment should be stopped.
  • If the spinal cord has cancer the treatment has to be stopped too.
  • For the treatment of neck pain through chiropractic treatment, then a well-known condition which mainly affects the bones crops up will definitely lead to the treatment being halted.
  • When the symptoms have been fully gotten rid of, the chiropractic treatment can confidently be stopped.
  • The chiropractic treatment can also be stopped once it has been done on a patient and they have not realized any positive results. The treatment should only be continued with if it is effective at all.
  • The treatment should also be stopped if it is realized that there is no apparent reason to carry it any further.

Reasons To Stop Chiropractic Treatment

  1. If the treatment becomes too expensive then this gives the patient a reason to stop it altogether.
  2. If the patient no longer sees the reason to continue seeing their chiropractor just for pain when they do not see one when it comes to their general health.
  3. Many of the patients find the schedule for the treatment to be so tight. They find out that they cannot avail themselves always due to lack of enough time.
  4. At times the treatment does not show immediate results as expected and too much time is taken to realize them. This is an added reason for the patients to consider stopping it.
  5. The patient may hate repetition of the same thing each session and see no difference.
  6. If the patient is no longer feeling any pain and they are free of it, may give them a good reason to stop.

Chiropractic Treatment Side Effects

Chiropractic adjustment side effects are numerous and mostly happen during the chiropractic treatment. The good thing about the side effects is that they tend to disappear once the chiropractic treatment is stopped. The side effects include

Release of Toxins

The release of toxins which may lead to flu accompanied by a slight cold condition. These are brought about by the release of toxins from the treatment. The chiropractic treatment ensures that the toxic content in the body is eliminated. The good news about the side effects especially the negative ones show that is taking up the treatment so well. The toxic release may be accompanied by fatigue, having tight muscles, having diarrhea, and sweating at night.


The treatment tends to cause nausea to a person and makes them feel like vomiting. This vomiting feeling is from the spinal cord adjustments as you undergo the chiropractic treatment. The nausea is brought about by the fact a person needs to lie down on their stomachs as they are treated. The long periods of lying down on the stomach make the stomach toss. This feeling wears away shortly after you leave the hospital. If the feeling persists OTC can be used to tame the feeling down.

Nausea cannot be linked directly to the chiropractic treatment, thus it is not an indication that the body is rejecting the treatment at all, but merely as a result of the stomach rolling from the position of lying down as you are treated.


Having headaches is another side effect associated with this treatment. A headache is mild in nature and gets to affect a person after they attend a chiropractic session. The bad thing about having headaches is that it tends to be accompanied by diarrhea, dizziness, or being tired. These headaches mostly affect the fore part of the heads and they vary depending on the rigorousness. They, however, get lost shortly after taking painkillers or placing an ice pack on the head. Though chiropractors fail to point it out to the patient, the headaches may become severe, unbearable which needs to be addressed and look for alternative means.


A person may be affected by dizziness which gives them an abnormal sleepy feeling after a chiropractic treatment. If this happens it is highly recommended to have a rest for at least 30 minutes after the session. The chiropractic treatment tends to diminish most of the patient’s energy levels, these manipulations are the main cause of dizziness. As you are twisted and turned off the bone/muscles makes you tired. The body becomes tired and gives you the sleepy feeling and not interested in any other activity.

Chiropractic adjustments benefits include effective treatment for acute lower back pains. From studies, it has shown that it is highly beneficial in the treatment of the neck aches and the headaches. Other conditions treated through this practice include osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Chiropractic treatment has an additional benefit in that it helps in the strengthening of the body ligaments, especially in the back. This happens from the sugar water or anesthetic injections used in the treatment.


The chiropractic treatment will always have side effects and a patient should be prepared to know them in advance. It is a must to suffer from the side effects. The patient does not have to panic if they get any for it is not so serious. If the symptoms persist, there is the need to go for further medical examinations. Chiropractic treatment is the best available treatment when it comes to the pain that affects the lower back, head, and the neck.