Causes of Early Osteoporosis in Urban Young and How to Prevent It

Causes of Early Osteoporosis in Urban Young and How to Prevent It

Causes of Osteoporosis in Young Males and Females

Many young people are now walking with labored gait. It is not that all of them are injured. It is a sign of osteoporosis. Even a few decades ago, only the aged people were afflicted with this disease pertaining to bones and manifesting itself through pain, limping and other related problems. It affects hip, arm and legs. Aging weakens bones, leaving them fragile. Unfortunately, an increasing number of young people are suffering from this problem which can be contributed to a host of following factors.

Causes of Early Osteoporosis in Urban Young

Lack of Physical Activities

It is the most important reason why urban youth in their early 30 or even mid-20 is succumbing to osteoporosis. According to the Orthopedics, lack of physical exercises and activities is reducing the average age of common people troubled by osteoporosis. With people leading a fast-paced life, they are now used to more technologically advanced equipment to do household works. Those things make life easier than before. The sedentary lifestyle, which they are now adapting to, harms them in one or more ways.

Physical activities are kind of exercises keeping every organ active and at its optimum working condition. An alarming increase in the number of young osteoporosis male and female patients is intimately linked to the lack of enough physical activities. Medical reports of several youngsters visiting the orthopedics’ chambers for the disease reveal that osteoporotic fractures have increased in under-50 people if compared with the scenario two decades ago when such problems were diagnosed in individuals older than 60 years.

Due to the normal aging process, bone density in both men and women (aged 35 years or more) gets lost by 0.3-0.5%. The decrease in bone mass resulting from reduced bone mineral density leaves the bones extremely weak or porous. It is possible to prevent loss in bone density by practising physical exercises regularly. Earlier you start (before 30), better will be the result. The condition is usually worse in women than men. The Internet is also contributing to lack of physical activities. For example, urban people are now getting used to online shopping due to convenience. A few clicks of mouse and grocery items will be reached at your doorsteps.

Technological advancement and availability of modern equipment have made life super-fast but also reduced physical activities drastically. It has something to do with an increasing number of osteoporosis cases in young males and females. Things are much better in rural areas as both men and women do a lot of physical works and so the problem of osteoporosis is significantly lower in the rural youth.

Deficiency of Vitamin D and Calcium

It is one of the root causes of osteoporosis. Unhealthy lifestyle also means unhealthy diet chart that includes more spicy and fried foods adding to calories and fat but never adding to vitamins or minerals in the body. All these reasons point out why young people in urban people suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D.

Bad Habits

Urban young men and women are now more addicted to smoking and alcohol. It is also considered a part of an unhealthy lifestyle causing damages to bones and overall body in different ways.

Lack of Healthy Diet

It has been previously mentioned how an unhealthy diet chart is causing osteoporosis and aggravating the problem. A healthy diet includes bone-strengthening foods crucial to the maintenance of bone health for years to come.

How to Prevent Osteoporosis in Urban Young Males and Females

When you know the causes of osteoporosis in Gen Y, it is possible to stave off the disease as long as possible. Following the preventive approaches listed below will help you keep the disease at bay.

1. Weight-Bearing Exercises

Physical Activity Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

These are extremely good for bones. These exercises strengthen your bones that regarin, over time, a higher level of density. However, the intensity of such exercises can be decided only by experts, depending on the capability and strength of your body.

2. Dancing & Aerobics

These are good exercises. Aerobics and dancing not only make your bones stronger but also keep in a good shape.

3. Running

It is also an effective way to stay fine and fit. It is good for weight management and also adds to strength of muscles and bones.

4. Brisk Walking

If you cannot perform any of the above-stated physical exercises for some convincing reasons, take to brisk walking. Do it for half an hour every day. It is also a kind of weight-bearing exercise but produces good results on bones and muscles.

5. Stair Climbing

It is a healthy exercise to strengthen bones. Avoid using elevators as many times as possible.

A combination of healthy diet and regular exercises will help you stay healthy and prevent osteoporosis. Don’t miss them! To enjoy a lifetime of bone health, we at Sehat have some of the leading orthopedic specialists across the country to research and choose from based on your medical condition.