Latest Liposuction Cost Worldwide | Essential Guide (2022)

Latest Liposuction Cost Worldwide | Essential Guide (2022)

Latest Liposuction Cost Worldwide | Essential Guide (2022)

Liposuction is one of the most well-known cosmetic surgeries and over the years it has become even more popular due to the positive reviews from its patients.

If you have never heard about it, then you should know that it’s a cosmetic surgery used to reduce the excess fat in the body. It is used on the fat that can’t be reduced by exercise.

Thanks to advanced technology, there are fewer risks of this surgery than before. So, for anyone looking forward to losing without any exercise, then liposuction can be a quick solution.

However, when many people hear about liposuction, they think it’s an expensive surgery, but the truth is something else. It’s so affordable that even middle-class people are taking advantage of this chance and getting the body of their dreams.

Many people may not know, but liposuction is even cheaper in other countries, which makes many people have surgeries in other nations rather than their home country.

So, if you feel your country doesn’t provide you with the best treatment of liposuction, then you have landed on the right page.

Since in this article, we are going to show you a list of countries with the cheapest rates of liposuction.

However, don’t think cheap treatment means treatment of bad quality since all these countries are known worldwide for their excellent services.

12 Countries With Cheapest Liposuction Surgery

1. Czech Republic - $995

Liposuction is widely considered to be one of the most popular procedures in the Czech Republic. This European country is home to some of the world's most prominent cosmetic surgeons, who have long been at the forefront of technological advancements in their industry. And lastly, it’s considered as the country with the cheapest cost of lipo.

2. Latvia - $1450

For good reason, Latvia and the Baltic States are becoming major participants in the field of plastic surgery. In Riga, liposuction is available for as little as $, and there are several reputable medical institutes to choose from. When compared to what you would pay on average in the United States or Canada, you're getting a great deal.

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3. Poland - $1471

It should never be forgotten that Poland is one of the most successful countries for liposuction procedures. Thanks to a combination of qualified and experienced doctors and cutting-edge technologies, Poland's health industry has grown to become one of the best in Europe. Liposuction in Poland costs approximately $1471 just for surgery and $2900 with all-inclusive packages.

4. Costa Rica - $1500

This North American country also offers a low-cost liposuction operation. Liposuction costs $9,500 in the United States, yet it costs only $1,500 in Costa Rica. As you can see, having the operation in Costa Rica is significantly ls expensive, especially when you include travel costs and postoperative care.

5. Romania - $1700

Romania's medical infrastructure, as well as its expertise with international patients, has substantially improved in recent years. Around 40.000 individuals travel to Romania for medical procedures ranging from plastic surgery to dentistry, and given that Romania is one of Europe's more economical options, we should anticipate this sector to continue to grow.

6. Estonia - $1700

Estonia, Latvia's a bordering country, is also participating, primarily with patients from the north and Russia. Liposuction in Sweden costs roughly 2400 EUR on average, thus Estonia is a good choice for patients from Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

7. Thailand - $1700

Patients travel to Thailand for liposuction for a variety of reasons, but the most common is to benefit from the experience of skilled surgeons who have performed numerous successful procedures at some of the world's most prominent clinics. Because the average cost of liposuction in Thailand is $1700, this country may be more cost-effective for you.

8. South Korea - $1923

In comparison to other European countries, where liposuction costs on average USD 10,000, liposuction is accessible at a reasonable price of $1,000-6,000 USD here. South Korea is known as the world's cosmetic surgery capital, so it's no surprise that one of the most popular treatments is performed there.

9. India - $1980

Liposuction in India is something you should consider. In India, liposuction is inexpensive, and the cost is determined by the extent of the procedure. It is possible to have small area liposuction, long liposuction, or large area liposuction. You will undoubtedly find a suitable facility in this country, depending on your requirements.

10. Turkey - $2037

For nearly two decades, Turkey has been a plastic surgery hotspot, with patients from the Middle East, Western Europe, and the United States traveling to Istanbul and other tourist sites across the country.

11. Mexico - $2000-$2500

Liposuction is a safe and effective cosmetic operation in Mexico that can efficiently remove fat deposits that haven't responded to dieting, exercising, or weight reduction surgery in areas such as the biceps, buttocks, legs, and abdomen. Mexico's cosmetic surgeons are very adept, and the country's biggest cities have lavished resources and facilities on current medical technology.

However, the low price does not imply poor quality. Contrary to popular belief, medical care in Mexico is of exceptional quality, with many medical tourists claiming that it is superior to that in their home countries.

12. Peru - $2500

Our last country is Peru, Peruvian liposuction is well-known for its stringent guidelines and practices. When asked about it, the physicians explain that Liposuction should be done in a specific way, over several days and in stages. However, credit must be given to this country, which has a high percentage of success due to its high-quality services. Liposuction costs roughly USD 2500 on average in this South American country.

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Liposuction is well-known worldwide, that's why it’s better to do your treatment abroad. Treating it abroad isn’t only cheap but it also provides a good quality of treatment too which makes them a perfect fit for your surgery.

In addition, countries like Mexico provide a quick recovery time which means after your treatment you can have vacationed there and in peace.

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