Benefits Of Eating Dates On An Empty Stomach

Benefits Of Eating Dates On An Empty Stomach

Benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach

How much do you know about the tremendous benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach? If you are not aware, then you should keep on reading to know exactly why you should add dates into your diet. Dates are ancient fruits from the date palm tree called Phoenix dactylifera. In fact, they are among the healthiest fruits with numerous health components, including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and antioxidant properties.

For decades, dates have been used for natural medical purposes in promoting bone health, brain health, skin, and hair health. Additionally, dates are known as a good home remedy for certain health conditions, including constipation, abdominal cancer, and diarrhea.

Benefits Of Eating Dates On An Empty Stomach

Let's discuss in detail some of the major health benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach

1. Kill Intestinal Worms

Eating dates in the morning on empty stomach helps to get rid of parasites, strengthen the heart, cleanse the liver and nourish the blood

2. Gaining Instant Energy

Dates help to restore strength after a long illness and also help with paralysis of the facial nerve.

3. Cures Constipation And Promotes Regular Bowel Movement

Dates are said to have a rich source for the dietary fibers which helps in the movement of bowel in the gut and thus relieve in constipation.

4. Reduce Your Huger

Consuming dates early in the morning keeps you saturated throughout the day without feeling hungry. Regular consumption of dates helps in improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthen the immune system and increases the efficiency and vitality.

5. Healthy Skin

Studies suggest that dates are loaded with numerous nutritional components such as Vitamin C, B5, flavonoids, and antioxidants. All these essential elements are said to promote the health of the skin.

For instance, Vitamin C and flavonoids encourage skin elasticity, thereby reducing the chances of wrinkles forming on your skin, particularly on the face. The oxidants components improve the smoothness of your skin by preventing the harmful effects of free radicals on your body. The Vitamin B5 is said to prevent the formation of stretch marks and other skin ailments. These are just but a few benefits of eating dates for skin, in reality, they can't be exhausted!

6. Healthy Hair

Dates are rich in essential nutrients such as Vitamins B5 and iron, which are important in promoting hair growth and overall hair health. Dates can also improve the blood circulation on your scalp, thereby reducing hair problems, including dandruff and hair loss. If your hair is weak, then consider adding dates into your diet, and you will notice an improvement within no time.

7. Help Regulate Cholesterol Levels

According to research, dates are useful in the regulation of stress and cholesterol levels. They are rich in fiber and iron with no components of cholesterol. If you want to reduce your cholesterol levels, then you should include dates into your diet.

8. Promotes Sexual Health

For decades, dates have been used as both a fruit and a perfect natural remedy for sexual weakness. In Indian society, date palm pollen is used in making traditional medicines for enhancing male fertility. The rich nutritional contents, such as the flavonoid and estradiol components, are believed to boost sperm count and motility. Additionally, dates can also help to enlarge breast size in women and testicle size for men.

9. Stomach Upset Such As Constipation

Because dates are rich in fiber, they can be used to treat and manage stomach upsets such as constipation. A study by the University of Rochester Medical Center, lack of enough fiber intake can cause constipation. Additionally, dates promote regular bowel movement, which encourages the formation of a normal stool, thereby improving your overall digestive health.

10. Regulate Blood Sugar

This is another important benefit of eating dates. Research claim that dates are essential in preventing the blood sugar levels from rising because they have a low glycemic index.

11. Treats Night Blindness

According to research, inadequate intake of Vitamin A is the primary cause of night blindness. So, if you suffer from night blindness, then dates fruits can be an excellent place to start because it's rich in Vitamin A nutrients. Make sure you add dates to your salads or breakfast a few times in a week.

12. Improves Brain Health

Date fruits are loaded with natural vitamins, essential amino acids, and minerals, which can help to promote and maintain the health of your brain cells. For instance, the potassium components in dates can help to strengthen your nervous system, which will significantly improve your memory functionality.

Additionally, the brain-boosting components in date fruit can help protect your brain against oxidative inflammation and stress. If you want to improve your brain health while eliminating the chances of developing neurodegenerative and Alzheimer’s conditions, then make sure you eat dates first thing in the morning.

How To Eat Dates On An Empty Stomach

If you are not sure about the best time to eat dates, then you should consider eating them early in the morning on an empty stomach. However, dates are healthy and can be eaten throughout the day. Below are a few ways on how you can include dates into your diet;

  • Add your pitted and chopped dates to salads
  • Remove the pits and use them to make a snack
  • Mix dates(diced?) with your breakfast cereal
  • Wrap them with chicken or tuna salads
  • Eat dates with milk or frozen vanilla yogurt
  • Or, enjoy dates in their natural form!

Definitely, dates are worth adding to your diet. They are not only delicious but also are loaded with numerous nutrients, which is important for your health. However, remember that excessive consumption could encourage negative results such as diabetes and weight gain.

Therefore, even though the dates are healthy, make sure you eat them in moderation. Now that you know the benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach, then go ahead and include them in your diet. If you aren't sure about the measure you should have, you can talk to your dietician about it.


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