Beware of These Concentration Killers

Beware of These Concentration Killers

Concentration Killers

Are Concentration killers preventing you from dealing with the pile of work that you've left over from office? No matter how much you convince yourself that you will deal with it, you fail to do so. This is a common disease of the modern generation; they fail to concentrate on a single subject for too long. They are always switching between things, unable to retain concentration. Research has been conducted in this area, wherein it has been concluded that it is the lifestyle and environment that causes this malady. Let us in the following article look at the causes of this condition.

Electronic Interruptions:

Electronic interruptions modern day concentration killer

  • This is one major modern day concentration killer. We have got into the habit of checking our messages and emails in between tasks. A ping from your phone makes you forget the important task at hand.

  • One can easily lose track of what they were doing once the phone buzzes. There seems to be some compulsion to immediately reply to whatever has been sent to you. Technology is completely taking over our daily lives and our minds.

  • Resist, keep your phone away when doing other tasks.

  • Visit a meditation or yoga center near you to keep concentration killers at bay.


Multitasking is a major concentration killer

  • This has been identified as a major concentration killer. Multitasking might seem to be beneficial and more efficient; the effects of it are not pleasant.

  • When multitasking, you are unable to devote your attention to any single thing. Your attention is divided amongst several objects. You are therefore unable to get done properly any of the several tasks. It takes more of your time and efficiency is quite reduced.

  • When solving mathematical problems or logical problems people forget to switch between tasks and everything takes more time to finish. One can easily lose track of time and tasks to be done when they multitask.

  • It has been suggested by psychologists that multitasking should be done for some tasks, like talking on the telephone and cleaning the house. However, it must be avoided when the tasks at hand need more concentration.


Boredom is the concentration killers

  • Boredom is another of the concentration killers, as it robs your brain of the ability to focus. When we are working on something extremely dull and boring, our brain becomes numb and functions late.

  • The dull jobs cause boredom in us, as a result of which we get distracted and concentration killers start working. Repetition of this slowly makes the brain lose its focus.

  • One gets more easily distracted as days go by. More the number of dull jobs one has to do, more the brain becomes numb and inattentive. Boredom makes you find other things attractive.

  • When students are studying something they find dull, the smallest of things distract them, like a fly on the wall.

  • One way to deal with this and go through your task without getting distracted is rewarding. If you decide that you will reward yourself with something you love, you will be motivated to do the task.

  • If you concentrate on your task for a considerable period of time, treat yourself with some coffee or chocolate or a snack. This acts as a good reinforcement.

  • This concentration killer can be kept at bay if you take small breaks between tasks. That will help you refresh your mind. In this case you can multitask as it's beneficial. You can listen to some music while doing some boring task like cleaning. That will not dull your brain and you can efficiently complete your dull task.

Mental Distractions:

Mental distractions, Concentration killer

  • It is hard for the brain to concentrate and decide. Concentration killers start working when the brain in indecisive. When you've got many tasks to complete, you often ponder about which one to do before and how to manage them etc.

  • When doing a task, you keep thinking about others in your head that leads to distraction. Your brain can't focus on the work at hand and it keeps switching its attention.

  • An easy solution devised by doctors for this problem is to write the tasks down on a piece of paper. Make a to-do list so that the tasks aren't swimming around in your head.

  • Again, if something is particularly bothering you, talk to someone about it. That is the best way to get rid of your distractions. Clear your mind.

  • Putting things down or talking to someone transfers those thoughts from your head to something more concrete. Alternately you can practice meditation to focus your thoughts. Taking a meditation course can greatly improve your focus and concentration.

Certain prescribed medicines can damage your memory and concentration, and hence your attention. If you suspect that this is the case for you, visit a specialist nearby you. You should also see Best Neurologists In Hyderabad or Best Psychologists in Hyderabad if you begin having memory problems that affect your ability to get by on a day-to-day basis.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad