The Effect of Technology on Relationships

The Effect of Technology on Relationships

technology and relationships

Reinforcing relationships with better communication, experiencing new acquaintances through social networking platforms or keeping connected with the people that matter most to you, modern technologies have seriously chaperoned for just about everything! Well sure enough, the way we exchange a few words with others has unremittingly witnessed a slew of amazing innovations and technological upgrades.

Whether it’s having your message quickly delivered, indulging in time-gripping chats for endless hours or keeping an eagle eye on ‘what’s happening where’ on social sites, we certainly enjoy faster and more efficient relationships today. But hold on – have they really become better or were better when the little pigeon would knock the door to convey your message? Ah, we know that things have changed like a huge circle but we can still not give away the title ‘I am the sanest’ to today’s modern technologies. Why? C’mon, you can’t overlook those tiny cracks in your relationships honey.

So should we pass the bucks to today’s modern technology for spoiling things for worse or should we praise it for bettering things up? Well although technology provides new ways for people to communicate, it can also have some negative effects on relationships. However, the nature of the effect depends largely on what sort of relationship you share with someone.

Let’s Dig a Bit Deeper

There’s no doubt that advanced technologies have trimmed down the distance between work and home. With ‘just a touch away’ mobile devices or portable computing systems, people can seamlessly address work issues or home issues from wherever they are. However, this may affect family relationships by causing conflicts between family members or by creating a distance between them. At the same time, we cannot overlook the fact that the internet and television have been contributing significantly in limiting the amount kids or teenagers spend with their family.

On the other hand, youth relationships also seem to be getting trapped by the adverse effect of technology on relationships. We know that online chats and constant text messaging have become the most preferred way of communicating for youths – but, it has also led to limited face-to-face interactions with others. While most people believe that today’s technology has made everything better and easier for them, some believe that the advancements in technologies have somewhat done the damage.

Whether you talk about the youths’ inability to form lasting relationships or their reluctance to understand social cues, technology seems to have actually affected the youth friendships in a significant way. But yes, we are not leaving the positive side of advanced technology side either. Also although modern technologies now allow couples to stay connected more than ever before, the rise in expectations from each other’s and consequent conflicts cannot be ignored at the very same time.

So, Who Wins The Race?

Okay we aren’t favoring the heads or tails of a coin – but certainly favoring the significance of striking a balance between the both. And as some sage words just struck our mind, you should actually focus on ‘playing fair to enjoy your ride’. Hence, try to reap the benefits of your advanced means of communication while being pretty much grounded to your social and family ties. This will not just leave your relationships strengthened, but will also help you avoid any adverse effect of technology on your relationships. So in a nutshell, ‘balance’ is the word here guys!

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad