Five Guaranteed Benefits of Going on a Sugar Detox

Five Guaranteed Benefits of Going on a Sugar Detox

Benefits of sugar detox

Do we need a special reason every day to enjoy a sweetmeat? Absolutely no! Any part of the day, any day, we are forever ready to enjoy a cupcake, a strawberry pastry, chocolate donuts, and a tumbler of vanilla milkshake or just a bar of chocolate. Though some of them stop at taking just one bite, many continue to indulge in these sweet nothings and end up with not-so-sweet health problems. Doctors and fitness experts have something else to say on this. Though all the foods that we eat contain natural sugars that are less harmful, the real trouble comes with artificial sugar that is seen in alarmingly high quantities in sodas, tea, table sugar, chocolates, pastries, cakes, donuts and all kinds of sweet stuff. Such sugar is not digested easily and gets converted into fat globules within no time. This fat sits in our belly, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

Before you order for your favorite hot chocolate fudge, remember that eating excessive sugar doesn’t just make you fat but also invites many other illnesses. Avoiding sugar completely, cutting down on sugary foods and replacing junk and instant food with fresh fruits or vegetable salads goes a long way in gifting you good health. We have listed down five guaranteed benefits of sugar detox. Read on and you can thank us later!

1. Secret to Weight Loss:

The secret to weight loss is not dieting, not exercise, not yoga nothing but to eliminate sugar from your diet. All this while we’ve tricked our brain into thinking that food and calories add flab to us. Sugar is a completely non-nutritious, taste enhancer and just adds empty calories to the body. These empty ones slowly turn into fat deposits and sit everywhere. Once you begin a sugar detox regime, the body stops receiving such calories and will not produce fat cells. Gradually, your body weight comes down and you will also stop adding more eight. Substituting sugar with honey in beverages works well.

2. Lesser Tummy Problems

On all those days when you had a bloated tummy, suffered from gastric disturbances, constipation or diarrhea, sugar played the culprit. Artificial sugar and sugary foods breed bad bacteria in your gut and cause all forms of disorders. The good bacteria that digest food and cleans up the mess gets washed out with the sudden inundation of the bad ones. What health experts suggest is that consumption of probiotic powder, pills or suspension works very well for the gut and keeps its healthy.

3. More Energy

Believe it or not, but going on a sugar detox boosts your body energy. Our body is trained to digest every calorie we eat and it spends energy to produce energy. So when we deprive it of empty calories, it spends lesser fuel on digestion and releases the rest to improve blood flow to the organs. Stop worrying about feeling dizzy if you go on a sugar detox, now that you know it works the other way.

4. Glowing, Acne Free Skin

Who doesn’t encounter blemishes, those nagging acne on the face, blackheads, whiteheads, wrinkles and all kinds of pop-ups on the skin? The reason is not hormonal imbalances or an underlying skin disease but consumption of too much sugar. Our skin is made of collagen, an important protein that keeps the skin tissue tight and prevents opening of pores. Sugar interferes with the structure of collagen and starts breaking it down. If you spot acne or fine wrinkles on your face, don’t waste time using beauty lotions or face wash to clean it but just dump the sugar from your diet.

5. No Mood Swings

More than men, women tend to experience a lot of mood changes and emotional disturbances. The reason might be sugar, doctors say. When the body receives loads of sugar at once, it alleviates the mood and gives you a temporary high. That is why people go bonkers when they eat something really sweet. When you don’t regularly consume sweet meats, the brain’s pleasure center gets disturbed and affects the brain. It’s a vicious cycle. Start sugar detox right away and let your brain calm down.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad