How To Hide Dark Circles Without Makeup?

How To Hide Dark Circles Without Makeup?

How to cover dark circles without makeup?

Dark discoloration of the skin under the eyes is referred to as dark circles. A number of factors can lead to the formation of under eye circles. These include mental and physical stress, heredity, aging, crying for long periods of time, working for long hours in front of a computer, lack of sleep, and an unhealthy diet.

Dark circles, though not a serious health condition can make a person look tired, unhealthy, exhausted, and older. Though most of us don’t wear too much makeup every day, a good concealer is recommended, because it can cover up the under eye bags perfectly and make one look fresh and flawless.

A Few Ways by Which You Can Hide or Conceal Your Dark Circles Without Using Makeup

  • Prop Your Head up While Sleeping: Keep your head slightly elevated while sleeping by using double pillows. This will reduce the amount of fluid that accumulates underneath the eyes.

  • Shake Yourself: If you do not have time for a regular exercise routine, try to get yourself moving by doing some pushups or jumping jacks in the morning. This will help to increase your heart-rate and in turn circulation. A few dance steps may also serve the same purpose. Increase in energy levels will help to reduce the under-eye bags and circles.

  • Use An Egg White Mask: Dab a thin layer of raw egg white around your eyes. Rinse off with warm water once it dries (about 15 minutes). An egg white mask helps to tighten the skin around the eyes.

  • Use Tea Compresses: Immerse two caffeinated tea bags in warm water. Squeeze out the excess water and place them in the refrigerator. Once chilled, place one bag over each eye and maintain for up to 15 minutes. This treatment helps to reduce puffiness, dark circles and bags as well.

  • Apply Caffeinated Cream: Eye cream with caffeine works very well to reduce puffiness and diminish discoloration. It works by constricting blood vessels. Chilled eye cream provides an added advantage.

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dark Circles

Some home remedies to get rid of dark circles naturally include

1. Almond Oil

Almond oil is very beneficial for the delicate skin around the eyes. Apply a little almond oil over the dark circles before going to bed at night. Gently massage it into the skin. Wash it off the next morning with cold water. This routine can be repeated till the dark circles disappear.

2. Cucumber

Cucumbers have a soothing and refreshing effect. They also have mild astringent properties and make the skin lighter. Place chilled cucumber slices on the eyes for about 10 minutes. Wash with water. Repeat two times a day for about a week or more.

Cucumber - Home Remedy To Get Rid of Dark Circles

3. Raw Potato

Raw potato has natural bleaching agents. It helps to lighten dark circles and get rid of puffiness around the eyes. Place cotton balls soaked in potato juice or thick potato slices over closed eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Repeat once or twice daily.

Raw Potato - Home Remedy To Get Rid of Dark Circles

4. Rose Water

It has a soothing effect on tired eyes. It also works as a good skin toner due to its mild astringent properties. Place cotton balls soaked in pure rose water on closed eyes. Leave for about 15 minutes. Follow this twice daily for a few weeks.

5. Tomatoes

One teaspoon of tomato juice mixed with a one-half teaspoon of lemon juice when applied to the eyes can lighten skin to a great extent. Rinse off with water after 10 minutes. Follow twice a day for a few weeks.

Tomatoes - Home Remedy To Get Rid of Dark Circles

6. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains vitamin C which helps to lighten skin. Apply fresh lemon juice on eyes for 10 minutes using a cotton ball. Rinse off with water. In case of burning sensation, discontinue use.

Lemon Juice - Home Remedy To Get Rid of Dark Circles

7. Coconut Oil

Massaging with coconut oil helps to lighten dark circles. Coconut oil also acts as a moisturizer to prevent wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes. Massage extra-virgin coconut oil on the under eye area, leave for few hours, and then wash off. Repeat two to three times daily.

Coconut Oil - Home Remedy To Get Rid of Dark Circles

8. Tea Bags

Put used leftover tea bags in the refrigerator to cool. Place these bags over closed eyes. This will help to reduce swelling and discoloration.

Tea Bags - Home Remedy To Get Rid of Dark Circles

Other General Tips

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Dehydration or lack of sufficient amount of water in the body causes stress on the body along with skin dryness. This deepens the dark circles as the under eye skin is very delicate
  • Get ample sleep at night. Lack of proper sleep often contributes in a big way to under eye circles
  • Eat healthily. Cutting out salty food and alcohol can help to reduce puffiness of the eyes
  • Use a good sunscreen. Apply an SPF 30 sunscreen underneath the eyes before going out in the sun. Exposure to the sun can darken the pigmentation around the eyes
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes too much. Rubbing eyes causes blood vessels to dilate and makes the under eye circles appear darker
  • Remove your makeup before going to sleep