Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Protocol, Benefits, Dangers, Dosage

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Protocol, Benefits, Dangers, Dosage

Hydrogen Peroxide therapy Protocol, Benefits, Dangers, Dosage

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide its chemical symbol is H2O2. It is simply water with additional oxygen atom per molecule. This extra atom of oxygen has no effects on the body, therefore, cannot interfere with other medication or any supplement an individual could be taking. Hydrogen peroxide therapy protocol if well taken by an individual has a lot of benefits.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Protocol

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical that is mostly used for various purposes for instance diluted food grade peroxide can be used in the process of whitening teeth. It’s mostly believed that hydrogen peroxide can cure cancer at some point.

Hydrogen peroxide therapy programme can kick start with distilled water with increased amounts of hydrogen peroxide. In the beginning, one takes three drops of hydrogen peroxide every three times a day. The second-day one takes four drops of hydrogen peroxide three times per day. The number of drops of hydrogen peroxide intake increases with the increase in the number of days but the number of intake remains constant.

This programme takes the utmost 16 days whereby one progresses to the maintenance protocol. The hydrogen peroxide should be reduced as follows. After the sixteen days, one is supposed to take 25 drops of hydrogen peroxide in one week. Afterwards, go to taking 25 drops of hydrogen peroxide every 3rd day for two weeks. For three weeks one takes 25 drops of hydrogen peroxide once every fourth day. When the hydrogen peroxide intake levels increase one is likely to have nausea. If one experiences this should drop the dose to a level they are comfortable with.

When the problem doesn’t stop, one is advised to continue taking 25 drops of hydrogen peroxide utmost three times for one to three weeks consecutively. Once the problem has been taken care of, one can start reducing the number of times they are taking the hydrogen peroxide to 25 drops once every other day four times, then the person slowly graduates to taking 25 drops of hydrogen peroxide every third day for two weeks. Eventually, the person starts taking 25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks until the problem completely disappears.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Benefits

When 35 percent hydrogen peroxide is added to distilled water and the mixture is taken three times per day, it makes the hydrogen peroxide release one of its oxygen molecules, therefore, oxygenating the body. Hydrogen peroxide is very explosive and therefore should only be taken cautiously and under the guidance of the doctor or a healthcare practitioner. Here are various benefits of hydrogen peroxide

Improved Immune System

Hydrogen peroxide is believed to treat several diseases. Some people have given testimonies to have healed from diseases such as leukemia, yeast infections, and food allergies.

Weight Loss

Hydrogen peroxide therapy might also support in weight loss. This can only be likely due to the surge in energy that a person receives as a result of the extra oxygen that hydrogen peroxide made available to the body. Increase in energy in the body can make some people act and therefore can help in burning more calories in the body.

Healthy Brain

When oxygen is increased in the body it is believed that it helps in deoxygenating the brain which helps in refurbishing the regular brain function. An oxygen-starved brain can lead to slow thoughts thus making the functioning of the body slowly.

Treating Pimples and Skin Acne

Hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleaching agent so if applied to the affected area it can clear skin acne. When applying hydrogen peroxide one needs to be very careful due to the drying effect of the hydrogen peroxide which can be harmful to the skin.

Cure for Cancer

Researchers have found out low oxygen levels can cause cancer, hydrogen peroxide is an oxygenating compound, meaning that it contains a lot of oxygen. Hydrogen peroxides suffocate the cancer cells by saturating them with oxygen. In most cases, this kind of treatment is referred to as Hyperoxygenation Therapy.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Dangers

Hydrogen peroxide can both be beneficial or harmful to the body. Here are the dangers of hydrogen peroxide

Gastrointestinal Irritation or Ulcers

Healthy practitioners have advised people not to consume high strength hydrogen peroxide for medicinal purposes. Drinking high strength hydrogen peroxide can cause serious gastrointestinal irritation or ulcers. Taking it continuously can increase the blood vessels at the injection site and therefore cause the bubbles in the blood vessels that can speed life-threatening allergic reactions.

Brain Damage

When gas bubbles in a liquid increases and enters the small blood vessel, the vessel is likely to get blocked. Due to gravity, it’s likely to cause malfunctioning of the brain. Consumption of hydrogen peroxide can lead to brain damage of the user.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Dosage

Hydrogen peroxide can only work effectively after one has researched thoroughly about what they what to treat. It is advisable that one should drink hydrogen peroxide solution one hour before or three hours after a meal. The hydrogen peroxide solutions should only be made with distilled water or even milk. After taking hydrogen peroxide solution it is wise if you lie on the right side so that the hydrogen peroxide is absorbed faster.

In most cases where a problem is more serious one can take up to 25 drops, three times daily up to 3 weeks. In the first day, one is supposed to only take 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide three times daily. The number of drops of hydrogen peroxide that are consumed daily increases as the number of days increases. As the problem continues to die one is advised to take a reduced dosage of 25 drops of hydrogen peroxide for at least twice a day until the problem completely disappears. This procedure can take close to six months.

How Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Works

Before we look at how it works it necessary to look at the chemical reaction to understand more.

H2O2--→H2O + O

After the reaction, there is singlet oxygen which acts as a powerful oxidizing agent. This singlet oxygen can affect the body in two ways

  1. It can change the biological waste and industrial toxin our body into inert substances by simply immobilizing them. When the waste is on this state it easy for the kidney and liver to handle it comfortably without straining the two organs.
  2. It can also kill or restrict the growth of an anaerobic organism. These organisms are bacteria which utilize carbon dioxide for fuel.

Hydrogen peroxide therapy aids in cleansing toxins from substances. For example, organic industrial pollutants, pesticide, preservatives. Through the cleansing, these toxins will enable the body to heal itself.


As much as the hydrogen peroxide therapy protocol is good in the extend of being used as natural remedy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), precaution should be taken as hydrogen peroxide can be very dangerous if taken in uncontrolled amount.