Find Out How Jeera Water Can Help In Weight Loss Now!

Find Out How Jeera Water Can Help In Weight Loss Now!

Jeera Water for Weight Loss

Who does not want to lose weight? Everyone wants to look their best and sport a trim and slim version, of them. In their quest to look thin, people end up trying several weight loss diets. However, unlike their claims very few of these diets work. Most often these diets are just fads and have no relation whatsoever with weight loss. The mistake you most often make is to opt for over the counter medications and crash diets,instead of time-tested remedies, especially home remedies that offer some of the best results.

One of the best places to find a solution to your weight related issueis your kitchen. Yes, you heard us right; look for a few spices in your kitchen like ginger, cinnamon, honey or even cumin. Cumin is known to have properties that will help you reduce weight like no crash diets can ever do. Read on to know more about how jeera water for weight loss can change your life.

Significance of Jeera/ Cumin

Jeera is also known as cumin in certain parts of the world, especially India. It is known to boost one’s digestive system. Most of us suffer from daily ailments like constipation or bloating that adds to our body weight. Jeera would help you cleanse the digestive tract and the colon. It has certain enzymes that trigger the generation of digestive juices, which help in digesting food. It also has iron in it that helps to boost one’s metabolism and hence makes you burn the calories at a faster pace. It helps to cleanse and flush out toxins from the body and helps to get rid of gas related issues.

Method to Make Jeera Water

Now, that we know how jeera water for weight loss can make a huge difference in your weight loss regime, read on to know how to make it.

To make: Take 1 tablespoon of organic jeera and boil it in one cup of distilled water. Once it comes to a boil, strain and let it cool for 10 minutes before gulping it down. For maximum benefit, have it twice a day.

Ways that Jeera Water Aids in Weight Loss

Better Digestion:

Jeera waterhas certain enzymes that trigger the generation of digestive juices in our body. These gastro juices works on the food we eat and help to break them down into fats, carbohydrates, fats and so on. This process in turn aids in digesting food at a faster pace.

Flush Out Toxins:

Jeera is known as a rich source of antioxidants. So, when we consume jeera water, it helps to flush out the various toxins accumulated inside your body. Once the toxins are out of your system you will automatically feel that your internal organs like liver are performing better. In order to cleanse your liver, you can soak jeera overnight in water, strain it the next morning and drink it first thing in the morning. Doing so would actually detoxify your liver and make you healthier in the long run.

Sleep Better:

Thanks to heavy dependency on gadgets and a hectic lifestyle, most people suffer from insomnia. Consuming jeera water daily helps to have a calming effect on your nerves;it kind of soothes your nerves and helps you to sleep better. So, if you are sleep deprived opt for jeera water for quick results.

Body Cleanser:

Jeera is full of anti-oxidants and is also rich in iron. Thanks to the way the human body reacts to it, it is considered as a full body cleanser. It aids in getting rid of the toxins accumulated in the body. Jeera also helps in revitalizing the internal organs as it aids detoxification of the body making it healthier from within.

Enhances Immunity Level:

Jeera pods are enriched with important vitamins like vitamin A and Vitamin C. Apart from them it also has a high amount of iron in it. Regular consumption of jeera aids in increasing the immunity level among people. They supply the body with the important nutrients and vitamins strengthening it from within. This entire process in effect aids weight loss as the body’s defense mechanism becomes alert, and all the internal organs work at a faster and better pace than before.

Jeera water can be considered a boon for people. Go through the pages of an Ayurveda text and you will find the importance of jeera water for the human body and its direct connection to weight loss. Try drinking jeera water twice a day for a better and healthier body.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad