5 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

5 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Weight loss seems to be the primary motto for half of our population. Interestingly, the age groups of 18-30 dominate the number. The approach one takes is the most important determinant in the whole process of weight loss. Apart from virtues like patience, it is equally important to have a basic understand of the body’s upper limits and way of functioning as this would impact our decision making process. One must understand that the same principles guide us whether our aim is to reduce 2 kilos or 20 kilos.

Understanding The Calorie Game and Weight Loss

The most reliable and effective way to weight loss is calorie control. Reducing the intake of calories plays a vital role. If this is aided with an increased calorie burn rate, the results are stable. In order to lose half a kilo, one needs to burn 3,500 calories.

Hence, if you consume 500 extra calories every day without extra exercise, by end of one month, you are already gaining two kilos! It is not that difficult to gain weight considering the facts below,

  • One slice of pepperoni pizza packs 230 calories
  • One glad white wine contains 160 calories
  • One can of coca cola has 150 calories
  • A 200 gram cheese burger packs almost 500 calories

Hence, the importance of understanding what you eat cannot be undermined. Choose your food wisely.

5 Tips for Weight Loss

Much of what is about to be advised is the approach. The actual sweat has to come from the individual. Since it was observed that motivation and patience are the biggest roadblocks to weight loss, the below points plan to attack them directly.

1. Desire to lose comes from self, not directed by others – you are definitely going to fail your weight loss program if the genesis of this task is from someone else. Additionally, what worked for others, in all probability, will not work for you. Hence, it is advised that you start your preparation for weight loss by studying your lifestyle, diet, sleep, attitude and importance of losing weight

2. Stop blaming yourself for being imperfect – in order for you will to follow your mind, it will take time. If you succumb to avoidable foods or skip exercise initially, be gentle to yourself and forgive. Accepting that you are temporarily against plan gives you the motivation to continue the rest of your plan. Always remember the golden words that weight loss doesn’t involve you being perfect all the time, but making more good choices than bad choices

3. Avoid tempting surroundings – atleast during the initial few weeks, this helps in reducing the heart burn that you are not allowed to savor few foods. Examples can be visiting a bakery after your workout and feeling tempted to gobble on chocolate and fried items. Remember that overeating one time defeats almost a week’s effort

4. Stock your fridge with healthy foods – initial weeks are a torture because your body makes you feel that you are letting it starve. Instead, live in an environment of abundance. Pack all good foods – meaning high on nutrition and low on calorie. Keep changing the food items as long as they meet your dietary standards. Consider items like low fat cheese, popcorn without cheese, lots of fruits and green vegetables. Additionally, every morning start the day with a glass of hot water, one tea spoon of honey and juice of one lemon

5. Set small goals rather than ‘major plans’ – it is important to show your mind that there are some initial wins. Hence, after the first day when you decide on the overall goal, break it down into smaller duration and attainable mini goals. When the mind starts disobeying, it is easier to focus on a smaller goal to bring it back that depress it with ‘big picture’

In addition, exercise every day for atleast 20 minutes as this goes a long way in bringing consistency to your plan and discipline to your body. Real results start showing from end of week 4 and by the end of 3 months, you will fall in love with yourself.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad