Sunburn Blisters Treatment on Shoulders

Sunburn Blisters Treatment on Shoulders

sunburn blisters treatment on shoulders

Sunburn blisters occur on the skin of a person after being exposed to the sun for long and suffering from severe sunburns. They normally occur after some hours to even in a day from the time the person is exposed to the sun. The pain from these sunburns ceases after a period of about 48 hours. For the blisters and the sunburn to diminish can take up to a week. Once they heal, a person may suffer sports which are dark or light in nature which persist for a period of between 6 to 12 months. Sunburn blisters treatment on shoulder should start immediately they spotted.

The sunburn blisters manifest themselves with symptoms such as small white-fluid sacs that occur if the skin of the person is extremely burned by the sun. The adjacent skin to the area of the sunburn may appear to have a slight swelling and red at the same time. At times they are too painful when touched and they are kind very itchy.

When a person goes to the hospital to see their primary care physician or dermatologist they can diagnose if they are suffering from the condition. They normally look at the outer look of the sunburned skin to determine whether it is a sunburn blister or not. On top of all this, they ask their patients to tell them how long have they been exposed to the sun and whether at the time they had put on any sunscreen for protection.

Extreme sunburns tend to cause blisters which can also lead to sun poisoning. The sun poisoning manifests itself with symptoms such as puking, dizziness, having a cold feeling like freezing, suffering from fevers, fainting, and having extreme cases of blisters.

A person faced by any of these symptoms should seek medical advice from their doctor or dermatologist. Popping or pricking of these sunburn blisters should be avoided at all costs since this makes them be open and susceptible to infections. The severe ones especially those that are so extreme lead to blisters occurring have the probability to increase the chances of skin cancer affecting a person.

Sunburn Blisters Treatment on Shoulders

There are many methods to treat sunburn blisters on shoulders. It can be also done at home through home remedies such as;

  • A person should drink large amounts of water. Sunburn blisters on shoulders normally cause dehydration to a person. Taking plenty of water hastens the healing of the blisters.
  • Compresses which are cold and damp should be placed on the sunburn blisters on the shoulders. This helps in taking out some of the heat out of the area on the shoulder affected by the sunburn blisters.
  • A person should always apply moisturizer on the shoulder affected by the sunburn blisters. The moisturizers should have aloe which hastens the healing of the sunburn blisters through the moisturizing.
  • Popping or pricking the sunburn blisters on the shoulders should be totally avoided. This will in turn, reduce the possibility of the open sores being infected. Pricking them open also tends to cause the shoulder to be affected by scars through scarring.
  • The swelling of the shoulder affected by sunburn blisters should be minimized by taking ibuprofen also known as Advil.
  • A person should avoid being exposed to the sun at all until the sunburn blisters on the shoulders are completely cured.

The shoulder area affected by the sunburn blisters should always be kept clean and wrapped in a bandage using not so tight gauze. This is after a person has rubbed the area with antibiotic oil in nature. The affected shoulder area should stay this way until it is completely healed, bandaging also hastens the healing.

During the routine cleaning of the shoulder area affected by the sunburn blisters, a person should make use of cool water. The shoulder area shouldn’t be scrubbed all. The cleaning should if possible include the use of a mild antibacterial cleanser which helps in getting rid of the excess oozing. Small fibers from the cleaning cloth may get stuck in the sore; any cotton cloth on the sunburn blister which has already been popped should be completely avoided. When the fibers get stuck they tend to increase the possibilities of a person getting an infection.

Corticosteroid is recommended by most doctors for the reduction of the swelling and itching. This is mostly if the sunburn blisters on the shoulders become so severe. A topical burn cream can also be used as a prescription to assist in the faster healing of the shoulder skin affected by the sunburn blisters.

Home Remedies Proven Ways to Treat Sunburn Blisters

1. The use of apple cider vinegar can highly assist in the treatment of the sunburn blisters on the shoulders. It works by absorbing some of the heat in the person’s skin and in turn, helps them to be relieved of the burning feeling and the soreness too.

2. By a person using turmeric powder paste which has both antiseptic and bacterial characteristics and may assist in minimizing the pain and the swelling from the sunburns and blistering of the shoulders.

3. A person should put the use of tomatoes into practice for it has the characteristic to reduce the burning sensation, minimize the affected area from turning to red, and it also boosts the healing of the condition.

4. A person should apply a milk compress on the area of the shoulder that is affected by the sunburn blisters. The protein film from the milk assists in relaxing the burning feeling of the shoulder’s skin.

5. If the pain from the sunburn blisters on the shoulder persists and is bothering a person, there is a need to take medication. This is mainly drugs that prevent swelling or are analgesic medication taken through the mouth such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin.

6. Sweat blisters after sunburn normally occur if a person does some exercises such as running when it is sunny. This is especially if they do this without applying adequate sunscreen to their skin. This sunburn happens and tends to clog sweat pores and makes them turn into sunburn blisters on the shoulders from the sweat fluid on the skin. They are itchy in nature.

7. Yellow sunburn blisters get the name from their appearance for they have a yellow fluid in them when they are fully swollen. This is from the pus which develops in them from the dead bacteria.

8. Sunburn blisters popped treatment includes applying calamine lotion on the shoulder skin which minimizes the itching, using antihistamine tablets such as Benadryl to prevent itchiness too, and applying hydrocortisone cream on the sunburn blisters to minimize the redness, burning, and itching.


Sunburn blisters on the shoulders can be irritating when they affect a person. This can be avoided by avoiding the sun when it is strongest, applying sunscreen lotions, wearing shirts that cover the shoulders when it is extremely sunny. If it persists a person should seek a doctor’s advice for sunburns treatment on shoulder can turn fatal.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad