Natural Remedies to Treat Armpit Rash Quickly

Natural Remedies to Treat Armpit Rash Quickly

Treatment for underarm rash

Rising temperatures and a hot tropical climate are recipes for an inconvenience, which is why rashes and allergies are inevitable. There are various rashes that people suffer due to various reasons, but your armpit is one of the key spots for skin irritation as they are often sweaty and prone to a lot of friction. Such rash is not apparent immediately, but the rash could cause skin sensitivity and an itch, which may be agonizing in a few cases.

Armpit Rash Symptoms

Underarm rashes are usually uneven and red or they can be white and scabby. You may experience itching, skin darkening, pain, odor, and rash. These rashes can last for a few hours or even months together. Among the several reasons for the rash one could be the food you eat.

Underarm Rash Causes

Other reasons include the perfume or deodorant, improper shaving habits, sweating too much, wearing tight and synthetic clothes regularly, experiencing blistering heat, and poor personal cleanliness. Even the detergent used in clothes could be a cause for rashes. If the rash is severe then it could also result in bacterial, fungal or viral infections or allergic reactions in some cases.

Treatment for Underarm Rash

There are various treatments for underarm rash, but knowing the cause makes it easier to find a cure for it. We found a few home remedies for armpit rash treatment. Take a look.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Treatment for underarm rash

Applying Aloe Vera gel directly onto your rash can help to treat your rash quickly. It is known to have both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is often used to treat various skin conditions including skin breakout. You can use a fresh aloe leaf or an extract available in the market.

How to use:

If you are using a leaf, then slit it lengthwise. Take out the gel and apply on the rash directly. Leave it on for 30 mins and then rinse it with cold water. You can do this twice or thrice a day, till the rash disappears. Another option is to add a little turmeric to the gel before applying on the rash. Turmeric has antiseptic properties and helps to heal wounds. Leave it on the rash for half an hour and then wash off. Apply the paste twice a day, for at least a week.


Underarm rash treatment remedies

This citrus fruit is considered to be a natural bleach and is often used to treat various skin issues including dark underarms. It is also a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial and can also help to get rid of bad odor.

How to use:

Rub a slice of lemon over rashes. Leave it on for a few mins and then wash it off. Another option is to mix turmeric powder, honey and lemon juice and apply it over the rash. Leave it on for 10 mins and then rinse it with cold water. Repeat this twice or thrice a day.

Avoid using lemon on your skin after you have shaved. Make sure you apply moisturizer after using lemon as it tends to dry your skin further.


Another treatment for the underarm rash is using an ice pack or cold compress to reduce itching and the burning sensation in your underarms. The cold temperature will help to reduce skin irritation and prevent blisters on the rash.

How to use:

Place a few cubes of ice in a clean towel, hold it over the rash and affected area for a few minutes. Take it off and then re-apply after a small break. You can keep doing this for 10 minutes a few times every day. If you don’t have ice, use cold water to clean the rash a few times a day. Make sure you keep the affected area dry. Do not apply ice on the skin directly.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil Armpit Rash Treatment

One of the underarm rash treatment remedies is coconut oil. You can use this oil to get rid of the underarm rash itch. The vitamin E and fats in coconut oil help to keep the affected area moisturized which calms itching and promotes healing. It prevents further friction, which prevents the rash from becoming an infection.

How to use:

Apply a few drops of coconut oil in and around the rash and allow it to absorb into the skin. Repeat application a few times during the day till the rash is gone. Another option is to mix 4tbsp of coconut oil with 1 tsp lavender essential oil. Apply it on the affected area using a cotton ball dipped in the mix. Rest it for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Make sure you pat the area dry using a clean towel. Apply this mix twice a day till the rash is gone.


Most of us know that alum is a powerful antiseptic and astringent, which is why men use it as an aftershave to prevent nicks and cuts from getting infected. That is why you can use alum to get rid of bacteria from the rash affected area. It is easily available.

How to use:

Rub the alum on your rash for a minute or two and then wash it off. If you are not comfortable using the large alum stone, use the powdered variety.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is another treatment for the underarm rash. It is known to promote the growth of new cells in place of the old skin cells. Applying Vitamin E on the rash will help to relieve the itch to some extent.

How to use:

Take a little vitamin E oil and massage it into the affected area till it is absorbed by the skin. Repeat twice a day to get relief.

Tea Tree oil:

This oil has strong antifungal and antiseptic properties, which is why it is often used to treat fungal rashes caused by ringworms, eczema or psoriasis. It also helps to soothe angry red sores and prevent growth of infection and fungus.

How to use:

Mix a tbsp. of extra-virgin olive oil with 6 drops of tea tree essential oil. Before applying the mix, clean the rash infected area of your armpits with cold water and then dab it dry. Gently apply this mixture, leave on for 10 mins and then rinse off with cold water. Apply this mix two to three times a day, till the rash is healed and skin looks well again.


Oatmeal Armpit Rash Treatment

Not only is oatmeal a healthy breakfast choice but it is also an option for armpit rash treatment, as it helps to alleviate skin irritation and itching caused by the rash. It is also known to help maintain the pH levels of your skin, while keeping it soft and moisturized. A recent study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, believes the antioxidant phenolic compounds present in oats are the reason why oatmeal is a strong anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory.

How to use:

Mix a cup of finely ground oats in a bathtub or bucket filled with warm water. Add a few drops of any essential oil you like, for e.g. lavender essential oil. Soak in the bath tub for 20 minutes or take a bath with the solution while making sure the rash affected area is submerged in the water or pour enough mixture over the rash. You can do this once a day till the rash heals.

Neem Oil:

Your grandma has been using neem leaves for a long time to treat small cuts and wounds. That is because it is a very powerful and popular Ayurveda remedy for skin issues. It is known to have antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. You can use both neem leaves and neem oil to treat underarm rash. The Asia Pacific Tropical Biomedicine Journal says, pure organic neem oil works wonders on conditions like acne, ringworm, psoriasis, eczema and the symptoms associated with those conditions.

How to use:

Boil a few neem leaves in water for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture, set it aside to cool. Use this mixture to wash the affected area twice or thrice a day for a few days. Another way is to add 6 drops of neem essential oil to a cup of lukewarm water. Apply this mix on the rash with a cotton ball a few times every day till the rash heals completely.

The above mentioned natural remedies are meant for mild rashes that are caused due to weather and friction. If the rash gets worse or you start having other symptoms, then it is important that you see a Best Skin Specialist in Bangalore or Best Dermatology (Skin) Hospitals in Bangalore to get the right treatment without delay.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad